Cake book giveaway!

I was recently contacted by Sainsbury’s asking them if I would like to receive a copy of their new book, Cake recipe collection. Well of course I said yes! They also sent me an additional copy which I can give away on here.

The book has basic recipes in the front for Victoria sponge cake, chocolate cake and fruit cake, and then the rest of the book is dedicated to decorating the cakes- for every occasion!

There is an Easter cake- rather extravagant (egg-stravagant) with a chocolate egg on the top, but in fact if you missed that off I think it would still look very pretty.

This pumpkin one looks amazing for Halloween.

My favourite is this monkey one- I love monkeys!

I have not tried any of them out yet, but I will do soon (Andy’s birthday is coming up). They all include step by step guides, with which cakes to use, the dimensions needed, and diagrams of how to cut the cakes to make the right shape pieces. I always prefer recipe books that include photographs as I like to know what the different steps should look like.

The book also has sections for decorating cupcakes, so it would be great for people with children- just for fun or for birthday parties.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, then leave me a comment on this post letting me know- before Tuesday 8th April. I will pick a winner at random – UK addresses only please.

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3 thoughts on “Cake book giveaway!”

  1. ooooh eeeeekkkkk, those look amazing, I would LOVE to win that book and experiment …. and then I could post all my “nailed it” pictures 😉

  2. I would love to win this book – looks amazing! Really enjoying your blog too, you’re on my iPad bookmarks! (:

  3. Those cakes look amazing! I seem to have had a growing number of nieces and nephews over the past couple of years and they would love that monkey cake! Halloween is my birthday… Would it be wrong to make a birthday cake for myself?!
    In our new house we will be having a kitchen literally about three sizes bigger than our current one and I can’t wait to experiment with a little more space in there. 🙂

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