Coconut and lemon cupcakes

I could not decide what to make for Sunday tea this week, and when I walked into Waitrose I saw a recipe card for Coconut and Lemon cupcakes. I was sold!

The only extra bits I had to get was some coconut cream and cream cheese (why they make the recipe cards I guess…). The recipe for the cupcakes is the same as this recipe, minus the desiccated coconut, but the filling is different.

Well, it was meant to make 12, but I got 24 out of the recipe.

My kitchen is not built for making cakes on this scale!

Once cool I did the filling/ topping. Not sure it went quite as it was supposed to- you were meant to slice the cakes in half vertically and spoon in the lemon curd, but I had to squeeze the cakes to fit the curd in.

Then on went the cream cheese icing (100g cream cheese, the rest of the coconut cream, and a few tbs icing sugar). I swirled it about a bit to mix it with the lemon curd.

I took them into work on Monday and they were all gone by lunchtime- a good sign!

Luckily I saved one to try!

It was lovely. I have had lime and coconut cake before, but never thought about lemon with coconut, even though they are pretty similar. One I shall definitely make again, or perhaps as one large cake next time.

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12 thoughts on “Coconut and lemon cupcakes”

    1. They do like the cakes, but also moan about putting on weight, although I don’t bake for them every week or anything.

  1. I always pick up recipe cards and have got quite a collection going on in the kitchen at the moment!
    Our staff room is the same. Anything that goes in has disappeared by lunch. You’ve gotta be quick or it’s gone! Glad you managed to save yourself one, they sound lovely!

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