First week of the holidays

The week has gone by fast! I am going to work backwards.

This morning I was up and off to parkrun. Still the off road course (I know- crazy!), I picked up my brother and we ran together for a bit although I ended up slightly ahead of him. Just got my text through- 29.01, 145th out of 234 runners (although I got number 144 token so not sure why that is?), 29th female and 6th in my age category.

Of course I then made pancakes, and this time put some figs on them after flipping so they heated up a bit.

Yesterday I was up early for a 5 mile run- I wanted to try out the longer fields route as the last time I did it it was rather boggy. Thankfully it was drier, but hard going as it was so rutted, and the paths are so narrow. I got half way through the cow fields and then noticed one cow with massive horns sat near the fence. By that point it was too late to go back so I just had to run as fast as I could and hope that the cow stayed where it was.

Later in my run I saw a woodpecker, and a massive red kite sat on the grass, and a little rabbit run out in front of me! Love seeing all the nature.

Then I was off to a friends house for a get together with lots of lovely food- I made some lemon squares (from Hummingbird), and one friend made the most amazing salted caramel cupcakes. When I got home I persuaded Andy to have a walk as the weather was so lovely.

Thursday morning I was up doing some work, before meeting some friends for a waffle. How I love The Waffle House. Freshly made, organic milk, free range eggs, loads of vegetarian options….

Hummus and avocado might be the best one ever! They make their hummus with organic chickpeas- it is so good. The little blobs are sort of spicy sundried tomato paste, although they look like raisins!

I popped in to see my Mum on the way back home, and as Andy was working at home I went out on a walk to enjoy the sunshine- I saw a pair of jays fly past and land on a branch right by the path.

Then after dinner I was off to pump. It was good but hot in there.

On Wednesday I did some work in the morning, and then at lunch time we walked up to the shops, and were so hot we got an iced chai from Caffe Nero to have on the walk home- not sure what syrup they use but it tasted very american (in a good way)- more cinnamon I think.

In the afternoon I got my bake on! I made the not cross buns, and a cake for Jemma’s baking competition, before going to Sweatshop in the evening. We did the fields loop but backwards, which is tougher. I ran with my brother at the start and then started trying to catch up the people in front- I managed it with about half a mile to go (partly because the girl in front had to stop because she got a bug in her eye)- it was nice to run the final bit together. I had taken a jacket with me as the last few weeks I have got quite chilly on the way home, but I was very hot then!

On Tuesday I did a 6.7 mile run- my old loop which I don’t think I have run since doing the Bath half- it was good to get out there in the morning even though the wind was quite cold at times. Then I spent the day doing work before having a little walk in the evening to get away from the computer screen!

This week has been great- afternoon tea, Waffle House, seeing friends, lots of walks in the fresh air and lots of running too. Hooray!

Tomorrow I shall be watching the TV in the morning- the elite field looks to be amazing, and of course I shall be cheering on Mo for his marathon debut, but I am just excited for a proper race.

Will you be watching London tomorrow? How has your week been?

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12 thoughts on “First week of the holidays”

  1. I always get stupidly excited whenever I see wild animals or birds of prey. I saw loads of rabbits in a field when we were driving up the M5 earlier in the week and may have nearly poked Matt in the face as I pointed to them…

    Yes, absolutely watching London tomorrow. I am interested to see what Mo can do, but also will be looking for some of the bloggers that I follow. It has been great reading about their journeys, and I am definitely looking forward to reading their recaps.

    1. I love rabbits! I love seeing lambs too! Andy even jokes that a day out for me could be driving to Heathrow on the M25 as there are always lambs in the fields nearby!

  2. I don’t think I have ever considered a savoury waffle, pancake yes but waffle no … I think I just love the sweet ones too much 🙂

    1. They are not the sweet crispy Belgium waffles though, not quite sure how to describe them, but they are just so good with any topping.

  3. I think I’ve watched London every year since I was about seven, aside from the year I did it (and then I watched it on iPlayer/catch-up)! I’m not a Mo fan at all (I think I’m the only person in the country who isn’t, but hey…) but I generally watch for the women’s race and the ‘masses’ anyway, so I’m not bothered. I always get a bit excited about it regardless of who is running!

    Glad you’ve had a good week – that savoury waffle looks beyond delicious.


    1. I love that the women start off first- so much better than when they are lost amongst male club runners. Enjoy 🙂

    1. I love going to see them live- but was too excited about the elite race to go in to London this weekend! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I love that you sort of have the persuade Andy to go for a walk with you. I also have to persuade Ben. Even when it’s beautiful and sunny outside he would still much rather sit inside watching tv or playing his Xbox. Hmmm.
    The London marathon was a good watch but I am disappointed for Mo. ok he wasn’t going to win but I think he could have done better. But I think the commentary was terrible! He mean to tell him to go back to the track…grrr.

    1. I know in the marathon talk facebook group we were having a little rant about that. Anyone who thought he would win was either deluded or just mis-informed; they had such a huge list of marathon record holders. He set his sights so high on the British record, and was so close to it- he is allowed to be disappointed in himself as he sets such high standards of himself, but honestly anyone looking in should be amazed that on his DEBUT he did so well. I have a post about it as I could go on for hours!
      Yeah Andy likes a walk so long as it is not too cold, or raining, or dark…. but he has been accompanying me as I have been doing so much work my back is getting sore stuck so still all day. Glad it’s not just him!!

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