Jantastic week 12- the final countdown!

I can’t believe that Jantastic has come to an end! At the start I was just easing back into running after having to have time out due to my hip/ lower back problems.

This final week has been a bit quieter than some weeks.

Monday- Rest (quite sore after my 8.5 miles on Sunday).

Tuesday- Gentle 3 miles (which were faster than I thought).

Wednesday- Sweatshop short run- just over 4 miles in the end.

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Parkrun plus a couple of laps of the lake= 5 miles overall. I had aimed for 10 miles for Jantastic, but I was too tired for that and had a lot of work, so decided to be sensible.

Sunday- Walking around Whipsnade Park – this was my treat from Andy for getting all my work done on Saturday (and apart from going to the shops to get something for dinner I worked until the end of Match of the Day so really felt I deserved it!). We walked quite a long way I think!

I did my time trial this week. In the end my sensible guess was 28.59, as my previous off road times had been 30.36 and 29.41, and I felt I could go a bit faster. Although I had such a tiring week with some very late nights (working until 10pm one night, gone midnight another) so I felt almost like I had jet lag by Friday evening. Anyway, I pushed hard and got around in 28.36 so I am pretty happy with that. The idea is to predict how fit you are, so I am pleased I was so close. I do love running on the grass but I am looking forward to the flat course again, although who knows when that will be as the paths are still flooded. Crazy.

Pancakes (lovely buckwheat ones) of course when I got home!

Because I am not working towards any races at the moment (thumbs down to the rock and roll series) it would be easy to think that I have had just a normal running week. But if I look back over the 12 weeks I am really pleased with what I have achieved. Some weeks I didn’t fancy a run, or the amount of miles, but the fact that I had to log my runs persuaded me to go out. I also managed a pb at the Bath half marathon- I found that race tough, but then probably I should find a pb tough? I have also been running slightly further midweek than I have for a while.

Now the clocks have gone forward we shall be going cross country with Sweatshop, which I just love (although have to watch my footing), and I am at the moment perusing race websites to try and find things to sign up for.

Any race recommendations? What races do you have planned at the moment? Jantasticans: what are you proud of achieving? 

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17 thoughts on “Jantastic week 12- the final countdown!”

  1. Great, solid way to finish Jantastic Maria! I’m also not really training for anything, though we do have the 10k in Bristol coming up – I like to have a half marathon goal to keep me motivated but haven’t found one for early summer yet. I am hoping to do one though.

  2. Your Jantastic was amazing – well done. My not so much. Looking forward to next year!
    I have so many races planned for this year (hope I get to them!) I’m doing a few races I enjoyed last year (Cheddar Gorge half again as that was so much fun) and Berlin marathon in September.
    I like to have races planned because they keep me motivated and I love a good race 🙂

    1. Well you win some you lose some- I had one year where I could not do it at all, and last year was hard due to all the ice and stuff. But the point is that it is motivating. I remember reading your recap of Cheddar- sounds like a very tough race!

  3. Our club is back on the trail runs this week too! I really need to do a rundown on Jantastic on my blog. Like you, it really kept me motivated and got me out the door when otherwise I might have stayed inside. A great idea! 🙂

  4. Well done on completing Jantastic! I must admit I gave up on it mid-February, I was still running but I didn’t understand their scoring system so I stopped logging my runs. My next big race will be the Windsor Trail Half-Marathon at the end of May, although I have a 5 mile race on Easter weekend.

    1. Oh no- what is confusing about it? I suppose I have done it for a few years, but they work the scores out for you, so all you had to do was log your runs each week, and then log the distance of your longest run. Maybe next year ?
      Windsor trail half sounds very picturesque!

  5. I really wanted to try and do a half marathon this year, but of course I now I can’t. The Blenheim one that you recommended looks great. I cannot wait to try getting in to running again though after the baby is born. 🙂

  6. Those buckwheat pancakes sound amazing! And good for you with Jantastic, sounds like you finished strong and did an awesome job! I had a race in NYC planned in the next couple of weeks… but I am going to have to walk it due to a foot injury, so sad! Am looking for a new one to sign up for later in the summer 🙂 xo

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