Marathon cheering

And some pondering too.

So over the last few weeks I have been absolutely loving all the marathon recaps that have been popping up in the blog world. Well done to everyone!!! Here are some links in case you missed them:

Jess ran the Greater Manchester marathon.

Anna ran the Paris marathon.

Lauren ran the Greater Manchester marathon.

Tess ran the Brighton marathon.

Lara linked to her London marathon recap from last year.

The marathon talk boys took on Manchester too- you can hear them chat about it on episode 222 (good number for a show too).

Mary is about to take on London (here is her expo trip).

I also came across this article about whether to sign up for a marathon or not.

I spent time on Saturday listening to a radio show that was on radio 5 on Thursday evening- they were previewing London, had an interview with Mo as well as general marathon chat.

And of course I had a look at my marathon recapΒ (which actually made me cry when I read it back- not sure if that is weird?).Β At the time I had a suspected UTI (I kept getting them at that point), so was on antibiotics, but luckily I felt OK in the morning- I had promised Andy that if I felt bad I would not run it, but it being my first marathon I think I would have had to feel pretty awful not to attempt it. A few months later I was hospitalised, and it turned out that I had a huge cyst on my ovary that had to be surgically removed- so in fact I was not 100% healthy when I took on my first marathon. I was immensely proud of myself for finishing it, and running the whole way (very slowly, but I still ran every single step) but at the time I knew that before I attempted another marathon I would need to speed up. Seriously running for nearly five and a half hours is very tough, mentally and physically.

So since then I have been focusing on half marathons (minus the set back when I could not run at all due to my op). Here is my theory:

When I ran the marathon I had only run 2 half marathons- a hilly one the previous year in 2.32, and then a slightly less hilly one in 2.19. Of course a marathon is more than twice as hard as a half marathon, and your speed will be less, so I think the rule of thumb is double your half time and add 10% (or something). Anyway using my half marathon times from then, (and the runners world predictor) my time should have been between 5.16 and 4.49 (although I think that was rather optimistic). I suppose my time was only 5 minutes off, so not bad really.

I had in my mind a time for my half marathon to get to, and I am getting closer to that goal, but if I take my most recent two of 2.16 and 2.06 the calculator gives me a prediction of between 4.43 and 4.22, or if I use my last 10 mile time it says 4.37. Again there is no way I could keep up the pace I did the Bath half in for double the distance (and I know it does not assume this, but it is pretty close I think), but it means that the slower of the two times is sub 5, which is a bit better I think.

Going off on a tangent, if I submit my best 10K time it predicts my half would be 2.03, so again close, but I am not quite there. And of course it shows that this is a predictor to give you a ballpark figure.

Anyway, I have not signed up for another marathon just yet, but I am really considering it now. I have started looking, even though my half marathon time is not quite at my goal yet. I would like one in the school holidays as I would not want to have to be at work the next day, and I have been looking closer to home as possibly the flight the night before was not the best preparation. I also much prefer smaller races- the crowds get my adrenaline going too much, so I won’t be putting my name in for the London ballot! So 2015 might be the year of my next one, who knows.

So if you have a race to recommend to me, then feel free.

Β Anyone else running a marathon? Good luck!

I am off to watch London!

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13 thoughts on “Marathon cheering”

    1. Yes good idea to start and work upwards- you will do the Oxford or Blenheim one some day I am sure.

  1. I am also loving all of the marathon recaps at the moment. It is very inspiring, I have to admit. From what I have read, Brighton seems to be a good experience.

    1. I do love half marathons, but I feel like I have unfinished business as I think I have the ability to go a bit faster. You are right though the sense of achievement is amazing- I can see why people get a bit addicted to them.

  2. Oooh this is really exciting! I’ve heard Brighton is a good one. We’re going to apply to London next year and if Ben gets a place (I have my gfa) then we’ll do London otherwise we’ll do Brighton. But it’s a bit of a risk as I think Brighton sells out quickly :-S
    Brighton is apparently quite good as supporters can move round the course quite easily and see lots of different points because it’s an out and back (sort of) course.

    1. Well done on your good for age again! Impressive!
      Andy has said the only marathon he would be tempted by would be a Disney one, as then we could have a pretty epic holiday surrounding it. So at least if I chose a ballot one it would just be me entering- much harder when there is 2 of you.
      Brighton keeps popping up though!

  3. I watched London from mile 23 today and it was incredible, I’ve failed in the ballot 4 times now, so hopefully next year will be the one πŸ˜€ My half pb is 1.59, so I think I should be capable of a much faster marathon time than 4.33, but I keep going off too fast and bombing in the second half. Planning to take the first half slow next time I have a crack at it, would love to get under that 4.30.

    1. Good luck in the ballot this year.
      I am sure if you take the start steady then you could get under 4.30- you are always such a consistent runner.

  4. Thanks so much for the mention πŸ™‚ I feel so honoured to be included with everyone else!

    Now, those pace calculators and I don’t get along, because they put my marathon time at between 3:05 (dear God) and 3:18 at the very slowest, depending on the calculator and how awful my last half time was πŸ˜› But so few people really live up to the expectations their shorter races set for marathons – I’m not a fan of extrapolating data from 10ks and 13.1s because the marathon is an entirely different discipline, and the physical effects so variable from person to person once the distance increases. As you say, it’s most definitely not just 2×13.1 miles!

    That said, I’m sure you have the marathon you want in you. The odds were stacked against you the first time, and I think it was such an achievement to finish at all! A closer race, in better health…you’ll have that 4:xx in the bag!


    1. Yes I agree especially using a 10K time to predict a marathon just seems a bit crazy as they are so different! But it can give a ball park figure to aim for.
      Jess you are a fantastic runner, I love reading your recaps (especially when you are more relaxed and put less pressure on yourself) so of course would include you.
      Thanks for the positive vibes too- I would just love a sub 5 as I think I could achieve that.

  5. Thanks for adding my expo experience even if I hadn’t run my marathon by that point! London was an amazing experience but I’m not sure it is for everyone. Despite hearing stories beforehand I was still surprised that I was running for several miles before I could even see the ground! Exciting that you are thinking about entering your next one now. πŸ™‚ You will definitely slice into that time. Can’t believe you ran it before when you were so poorly. Hardcore! I loved the atmosphere and more local feel of Milton Keynes marathon both times I ran it and it was handy that it was only just up the road for me as well.
    I have repeatedly entered race times into prediction calculators. Everybody I’ve ever spoken to has been surprised at my marathon time. My half PB is 2:09 but I’ve run 2:03 in a training run. I know I can do better than I have and I’m a long way off stopping yet!

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