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I don’t often post about beauty buys, but I feel I have to share this with you guys because this one product in particular has actually revolutionised my hair.

I have very thick hair- I know a lot of people say this but I do think mine is crazily thick. I always have to have 2 people drying it when I go to get it cut. I would love to be able to plait my hair, but even if I have 2 plaits they are too fat to properly hold together. So of course these products that I love may not suit your hair.

First up, I love “I love juicy” shampoo by Lush. Smells like a fruity smoothie, gets rid of grease and sweat, and leaves hair shiny and soft.

I am a bit fickle with conditioners- at the moment I am using a Bath and Bodyworks one I picked up in the US last Easter (yes I hoard things like this too) but I love the Organix coconut one. I have never found a Lush conditioner that properly conditions by the way, and I have tried a fair few.

This is what has revolutionised my hair. I tend to wash my hair quite often, and I do like to use hair straighteners as otherwise I look rather 80’s. Plus I get kinks from ponytails. I have tried serums before but they leave me with greasy hair and having to wash it even more often, which just wastes my time. Catherine over at Running In My Wellies raved about this coconut serum before (again by Organix), and when I saw it on offer I had to try it. First up, it smells like coconuts. Surprise. But mainly it actually makes my hair better. I use it like this: I get out the shower, and put my hair in a towel. Then after washing my face (to give you an idea of the time) I put a blob of this in my hair, work it through a bit and then put my hair back in the towel. Then I get dressed, clean the shower, and then take my hair out the towel and tie it up with all sorts of bands and clips. Then later on I blow dry my hair. If I straighten it, I tend to do that the next morning so my hair is properly dry as a hair-dryer will never get it 100% (well it would, but I can’t be bothered to dry it for that long).

The serum, instead of making my hair greasy, seems to actually repel dirt and grease. I am not joking!

I have been trying to wash my hair less, as I was washing it every other day at least. But recently I have been using dry shampoo after some workouts. I always use this after body pump now, because I get back so late that I can’t be bothered to wash it. Sounds bad I know, but I am sure washing less is better for your hair. It is better for my stress levels!

One week I think I washed my hair on Saturday morning after a parkrun, and didn’t wash it again until the Wednesday night- on Tuesday I had a run but just used dry shampoo. I really should have written it down, but I am sure one week I only washed my hair twice. I also find that using the serum means I use less dry shampoo. My hair does get greasy at the roots, so one day I would wash my hair and in the morning it would be fine, but the next morning I would need to use dry shampoo. Now, I can leave it another day without using the dry shampoo. I was only partly joking about stress levels too- one day I had a big pile of marking, left work late and wanted to have a run. As I was driving home I just decided that I would not wash my hair- this means a quicker shower but also means I don’t have to spend ages drying it at night, and straightening it in the morning- less stress right there.

Can you tell how much I love this?

What hair products do you love? How often do you wash your hair?

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18 thoughts on “Perfect hair products”

  1. I have wondered whether the Lush shampoos worked well. I am the opposite of you – very fine hair that doesn’t do anything but be straight. I wash my hair every day as it can get so greasy but I woll look out for the Organix serum and some dry shampoo I think. Thanks for posting this!

    1. I like the lush solid shampoos too but they need to dry out between uses so not so practical. Glad you found it useful 🙂

  2. It’s so funny that you’ve written this post, because I was so struck by how gorgeous your hair looked in the latest pic you posted from the Lakes. I should have commented to that effect! I am really so envious of your lovely, thick hair. I appreciate it must be a faff to dry as it takes so long, but I’ve had thin hair (and a fivehead/high hair-line…) my whole life and it’s just awful…it’s hard not to end up looking bald with a face like an egg, particularly when it’s so prone to falling out during times of stress.

    I wash my hair every 2-3 days, because I lose so much of it whenever it’s washed. That might sound gross given how much I’m sweating through running/the gym, but I still shower twice a day, so hopefully it’s not too bad 😛 In terms of hair products there’s only one brand that’s hypoallergenic, ethical/vegan AND designed for greasy, limp/thin and lifeless hair, so I’m kind of stuck with that by default!


    1. Thanks 🙂 It is the serum that is keeping it shiny. Yes I try to never complain about thick hair because I know so many people with fine hair that struggle. I was looking on the rainforest union (or something?) Website the other day – green people seemed to come up well so I might try their conditioners next. I don’t think it is gross to not wash your hair after workouts- I am a convert!

  3. Sooo jealous of your lovely thick hair! Mine is pretty fine and thin (although a lot better than it was when I was super thin), I can’t really grow it past my shoulders. I love dry shampoo because I try and just wash it every other day, plus it adds some volume. My fave thing at the moment is my herbal red hair dye and yes to cucumbers conditioner!

  4. I always have a can of dry shampoo on the go and some argon oil serum but I am definitely going to check out the coconut one you talk about sounds great!

  5. I have extremely thick hair that is quite long. It can be unmanageable at the best of times. I’ve used dry shampoo once or twice and actually liked the effect it gave my hair, although you do have to be careful to rub it in, otherwise it can look like dandruff.

    1. Yes it turns my hair grey but then I think that when I actually go grey I will be used to it! Although batiste do coloured ones and I have a sample of the brown one, but have not tried it yet as I like the scented ones. Dry and thick hair must be a tough combination.

  6. This sounds brilliant!
    I tried dry shampoo and I found it tricky. It’s a bit flour-like and found it would really show up in my hair. My hair is medium (?) thickness I guess but very long so blow drying takes ages. I do like my hair but it does take so long to get it sorted if I’m washing it in the morning. I wash it every other day and when I don’t wash it I just put it up or in plaits.

    1. I would love to be able to put it in plaits. You do have to have a knack for dry shampoo- the way you rub it in your hair and then brush it out. I do get paranoid sometimes that I left some on the top of my head- have to check carefully in the mirror!

  7. I’m thinking of giving more natural products a try – will look at the Lush range. I’m a complete Moroccan Oil addict. It smells divine and has revolutionised my hair, taking me from straightener-addict to embracing my (free free!) waves. I can’t recommend it enough. My mum, sister and I all have different hair and hair needs but it works brilliantly for all of us.

  8. I did try some argan oil and it smelled good but left my hair needing to be washed really soon. Not sure if that is the same as the morocca oil? Lush shampoos are good 🙂

  9. I use that same coconut oil and I love it too!
    My hair is super thick too- the hairdressers always joke that they should charge me twice as I’ve got enough hair for two people on my head, and they need two people to dry it!
    I need to try that Lush shampoo 🙂

    1. Yes I always take so much longer but they never give me a longer slot- always two people to dry and style it at the end!
      Hope you like the Lush shampoo if you try it 🙂

  10. Yay, so excited by this mention! The Organix stuff is the nuts, I love the shampoo too. I used the Juicy Lush shampoo and it was awesome, but my hair is dry and fine and crap so I need moisture agogo. Your hair is beautiful, I waaaant thick hair 🙁

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