Tea follows running in the rain

(And iced tea follows gardening)

Recently we have been enjoying a pot of loose leaf tea on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

On our trip to Nice I bought some gorgeous teas from the Christmas market, including this chocolate orange tea, which contains huge flakes (pieces?) of dried orange.

Although I love “normal” tea, there is something lovely about the ritual of brewing tea in a teapot and taking time to enjoy the drink.

It is even better if I have been out on a run, either in the freezing cold, or more commonly this winter, the pouring rain.

I was sent this rather bright and fabulous running rain jacket from Mountain Warehouse to help me stay dry in the rain.

Since I have had it, it hasn’t rained so I have not tried it out, although we are heading off to the Lake District later so I am going to try it out on some walks up there.

I love the bright pink colour- it will be great for dark evenings too.

They have plenty of waterproof jackets to choose from, and if you are unsure what you can look to find out how to choose a waterproof jacket with their expert guide.

I was considering some waterproof trousers too, so on Sunday afternoon (after watching the London marathon) I walked up to the shops to have a look. I tried on pairs in 3 different shops but they didn’t seem very comfy for walking in, so I am going to take my running trousers instead.

Yesterday I did my longer run of just over 8 miles- I was going to do a shorter loop but forgot and went the longer way automatically. It was good to be out there and although I was chilly at the start I warmed up pretty soon- no need for a jacket!

After some work at home and helping my Dad load up his car for the tip (he has a bigger car so offered to take all our garage junk for us) I headed to the allotment for a couple of hours of weeding. Oh my word there were dandelions everywhere!!! I was so tired by the time I got home, and hot and thirsty too, so instead of hot tea made myself an iced chai.

I used a chai teabag, and then topped with milk and ice.

So refreshing!

This morning I had another short run (3.5 miles)- I saw some rabbits! I had to pop to work, and then to the shops, and now need to finish packing for our trip.

Do you have any favoured post run rituals? Really I should focus on stretching more, but normally I want to wash the salt off my face and then have a drink.

Any Lake District recommendations?

The jacket was sent to me by Mountain Warehouse.

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13 thoughts on “Tea follows running in the rain”

  1. If I remember correctly (from about 14 years ago) on Lake Windermere there is a fudge/toffee shop next to an ice cream parlour …. we alternated between the 2 for the week we were there 😉 Have a fantastic time x

  2. I would love a jacket like that…all of the decent running jackets are so expensive, but the cheaper ones are about as waterproof as a paper bag. It’s difficult to recommend anything in the Lake District, because everywhere is so lovely that’s it’s more a case of what not to recommend…and I can’t think of anything!

    Waterproof trousers are by nature uncomfortable, I think. I used to wear them all day when I volunteered with Durham Wildlife Trust (a decade ago this year…man, I feel so old!) and the first thing I did when I got home was take them off as quickly as possible!


    1. That is what I thought when I tried them on- stick to running gear. The jacket is shower proof I think so fine for rain but not for a downpour! But the weather looks good 🙂

  3. Because I’m such a paranoid runner now I spend a good 5-10mins stretching now after I’ve showered. Then I probably have food.
    I love pots of tea. They taste so much better than just a mug! And you can enjoy them and take longer with it.
    Have fun in the Lake District!

    1. That is very good- I am still not stretching as much as I should.
      I agree a pot of tea taste so much nicer than a teabag tea.

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