Greek yoghurt pancakes

Pancakes and parkrun go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or some other excellent combo. Today was a parkrun day for me.

I was sent a lovely breakfast hamper recently from Streamline, and then found this amazing looking recipe for using greek yoghurt in pancakes.

The granola has been delicious on its own, and my friends and I enjoyed some of the jam on scones for an afternoon tea.

But I saved the greek yoghurt for the pancakes, and today was the perfect day to try them out. I could not decide about parkrun as I had a late night last night, but I woke up early so decided to head on out. Once I got home, I showered and then got on with breakfast.

The batter was easy to make- I whisked up the egg a lot before I stirred in the yoghurt. I added some freeze dried raspberry powder and a few frozen ones to the mix too. I used the buckwheat pancake mix instead of plain flour and baking powder, but I have found loads of recipes on-line just like that one and all sorts of flour seems to be OK.

The batter was very thick, but seemed to cook OK- slow was the way to go.

They still had a pink tint but it didn’t come out in the photo very well!

The recipe made 9 little pancakes, plenty to fill me up, and I added a splodge of yoghurt with some of the reduced sugar jam, plus some almond butter as I think that goes well with raspberries.

These turned out really well, especially for a first go. While I was eating them the parkrun text came through- 27.12 was my official time, the third time I have run that exact time! At least I am fairly consistent I suppose. Plus it was a royal flush negative split (yes easier to achieve on a shorter course, but still impressive that I kept on speeding up the whole time).

The breakfast gave me loads of energy to power through a lot of housework, then we popped out to the shops to look at a new laptop and some paint tester pots, before getting home at about half 3 and realising I was hungry. They did me well!

The Streamline website has some lovely looking recipes on there, I quite fancy trying the strawberry breakfast bars at some point.

Any other good recipes that use jam?

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12 thoughts on “Greek yoghurt pancakes”

  1. I love pancakes and those sound fab, they look really fluffy! I don’t really eat jam but love it on toast with peanut butter now and again : )

  2. Wow that’s incredible that you’ve achieve a certain time three times! I don’t think I’ve done that yet. How cool though. I don’t think I’ve managed a royal flush negative split yet at Parkrun when I really go for it. I always seem to slack in the last bit – or more likely the middle bit. Need to really work on my pacings!
    The pancakes sound really tasty and filling. I do enjoy pancakes but find they’re not as filling as my porridge, but adding Greek yogurt would definitely help.

    1. Yes that yoghurt is high in protein so would help. I have one egg in my normal pancake batter so I find that helps to make them filling 🙂

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