Hurraw Obsession

Hey peeps- I hope the UK folk had a fab 3 day weekend! I did- more on that another day!

I always have lip balm in my bag, by my bed, at work and so on. I used to like the Nivea stuff but I have been trying to use more natural products (especially lip balm as I am sure I eat a lot of it!) and last year ordered some Hurraw stuff from i-herb. I bought two; a chai spice (lovely) and a coconut one which I didn’t like so much. But they are so moisturising and are cold pressed and organic, as well as being vegan, so I was well and truly converted to the brand.

When I ran out of chai spice I went on i-herb and spent ages trawling the flavours.

In the end I went for Almond, Earl Grey, A night treatment one, and Almond, Cardamom and Rose.

Then, while I was waiting for them to arrive I went to London and saw that Wholefoods stocks them, so along with some other goodies I bought the almond flavour then too.

Annoyingly I thought I had bought the chocolate mulberries but they turned out to be goji berries which I didn’t like as much.

The almond one is gorgeous, if you like marzipan, which by now you must know that I am slightly addicted to.

The Earl Grey one is fab too. The Almond, Cardamom and Rose one is nice, but I prefer the plain almond one. The only one I am not so keen on is the night treatment one, but it is not too bad it just has a bit of a rich flavour/ scent which is not great for just before bed.

Anyway, I would highly recommend these. Next time I run out I shall be going to London instead of ordering them from i-herb, but if you can’t get to Wholefoods then it is worth a look- the almond one is here. I have signed up to the i-herb rewards scheme so if you click through the link I get a small % of credit if you spend anything.

Also, we were in Brighton on Monday and I found some of the flavours in Infinity Foods- I managed to resist even though they had a lovely sounding black cherry one. They did however stock chocolate mulberries so I bought a couple of little packets- hooray!

Are you a lip balm fan? What flavours do you like? 

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20 thoughts on “Hurraw Obsession”

  1. Oh ive seen a few girls mention this on instagram. If you dont want the goji berry one id happily take it off your hands!! 🙂 eheheh


    1. I do love cherry things- it was tinted though and I was not sure how pink it would be- maybe next time!

  2. That’s such a weird thing to think about isn’t it? Eating lip balm. I find it quite gross but at the same time it does make sense…I’ve always found Nivea works best for me but like you said, natural is probably better with all things considered.

    1. Yes I imagine I swallow a lot (maybe that is a better word than eat!) a lot of it- I do like the Nivea yellow one (milk and honey) but I find these so much more moisturising so am converted!

  3. I’ve been keeping an eye out for Hurraw lip balm reviews because our local shop has just started stocking them – they look great so it is good to know you endorse them :). Yay for Pulsin bars!

  4. Ive never heard of Hurraw but love that there are more and more vegan beauty products out there now than ever before. Ive been using vegan toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, washing powers along with other beauty products such as make-up. I actually find vegan products are much ‘cleaner’ on the skin than other high streets brands!

    1. Yes I have just been trying some Green People products. I do want to look into a toothpaste as that is something that I probably end up swallowing too, and would rather it was more natural. One step at a time though 🙂

    1. They are really good- made with coconut butter and things like that so are probably all edible anyway, and at least more natural. They didn’t even pay me to say that!!

  5. Never heard of these before, but I love trying new lip-balms and the flavours sound gorgeous. I currently use Burt’s Bees Blueberry & Dark Chocolate lipbalm which is lovely and 100% natural. I’ll check these out next time I’m in Wholefoods.

    1. I had a plain burts bees one but I didn’t find it that moistening, although it had a lovely flavour.

    1. I like how they smell, but didn’t find them that good- I talk too much so always have dry lips!

  6. I have never used lip balm before. I’ve always felt like it’s making my lips really greasy and haven’t liked that sensation. As a marzipan fan though, almond flavour sounds good! 🙂

    1. I can’t believe it! I get such dry lips all the time (from too much talking I suppose)- so I always have some in my bag.

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