Okobay coconut water ice

I am very excited to tell you about this! I was contacted by the folks at Okobay who let me try some of their products.

This is what they say:

Coconut Water has been taking the world by storm. That super healthy liquid born out of baby green coconuts that’s virtually fat and cholesterol-free, low-calorie, super-hydrating, and naturally rich in electrolytes.

But if there’s one problem with coconut water…there’s just not enough of it. 6 or 7 gulps and its gone.

Then we had a brain wave – why not freeze it to prolong that coconut water experience? So after two years of head scratching and some serious brain freeze we finally perfected the Coconut Water Ice. Found in 2 flavours: Original Coconut Water Ice and Original & Pineapple Coconut Water Ice.

Oh my word they are amazing.

I bought them from my local Tesco (which is a large shop) – and currently they were on offer for £2 per box of 3. I could only find the original, but I shall be hunting down the pineapple flavour too.

They are packaged like those calypso lollies, which I like, as I eat slowly so “normal” lollies drip all over me as they melt.

First up, they are delicious and refreshing. If I am really hot I would usually prefer a lolly/sorbet over ice cream as it is more refreshing, but ice lollies are often very sugary. These have a delicate coconut flavour and as it melted it went a bit like sorbet (in a very good way).

The ingredients are minimal too- coconut water, water, lemon juice, natural flavouring and stabiliser. So they are dairy free, vegan, gluten free, soy free and have no artificial sweeteners, flavours or stabilisers. Plus because they are made from coconut water you are getting hydrated while you cool down. Wins all around.

These would be amazing as a post run cool down instead of refrigerated coconut water.

Also, rather excitingly, on their website they have “coming soon” coconut milk ice cream.

If you fancy trying them, their stockists are listed here, but Tesco and Wholefoods seem to be the biggest shops that stock them.

Do you like the sound of a coconut water lolly? Or the coconut milk ice cream?

I was refunded for the cost of the products.

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18 thoughts on “Okobay coconut water ice”

  1. Oh wow. These look great! The coconut milk icecream sounds fab too.
    Years and years ago, I went on holiday with my family to Spain and hated the taste of bottled water. I pretty much lived on Calypsos for the whole week!
    I’m going to have to hunt these out in Tesco. Perfect excuse to eat some in this hot weather we’re having!

  2. Dunno’ where all the comparisons to Calypo’s has come from – they’re literally packaged in a similar carton/tube. They’re nothing like them! For starters they aren’t full of artificial flavours/colours for starters. Even when I get mine out of the freezer, they’re never ever hard. They’re like Italian Ice in texture and taste soooooooo good. Great for after running/workouts. My kids even love them! Roll on summer.

    1. Thanks for that comment, but all I put was that they are packaged like the calypso lollies, which is good because then when they melt it doesn’t drip all over my hands. I think we agree!

  3. Hi there, Just wanted to say thank for the post and supporting us! We are glad you like our product and appreciate all the great comments!! Thanks again from OkoBay!

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