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So often on the May Bank holiday weekend we head off somewhere and make the most of the 3 day weekend. This year is has fallen very close to Easter, so we decided to have a day trip instead. We often visit Brighton, but for years we have only been down there in February or November! We decided that a spring time visit would be nice.

After breakfast at home we headed to the train station. For us the time taken to drive is about the same as the train takes (if there are no engineering works as sometimes the trains don’t go through London at the weekends) and this weekend the trains through London were slow, so it would take longer, but the parking is so expensive we decided to chill out on the train.

Photo: Sunny Brighton :)

After getting into Brighton we had a wander around the shops, and sat on the beach for a bit before heading to the lanes to find somewhere for lunch. I was hoping for Iydea but it was queued out of the door. We saw another place opposite (with a sort of Hawaiian name) but again it was jam packed- I have not seen Brighton this busy! We walked around for a bit before coming across another fab cafe (I can’t remember the name)- I was going to have an avocado salad, and Andy was going to have an avocado and chicken wrap, but then they came to tell us they had run out of avocado! Boo! So I had a vegetarian platter for one, which was huge, and big enough for two, with a lovely lentil salad, goats cheese, haloumi, hummus, a salad, spicy olives and bread. Even when I gave some to Andy we could not finish it! I had a teapigs rooibos creme caramel tea too, mmmm.

While I was paying Andy went to get a little ice cream in the place opposite, before we had a nice long walk along the seafront. We came across a food festival, but you had to pay to enter and seeing as we had just had a big lunch we didn’t think there was much point. So we walked for a bit more- I love walking by the sea and it was a gorgeous day, pretty sunny.

I was going to buy a coat that I had seen in Fat Face, but when we got there it was closed for refurbishment! Ah well. We went for tea and cake at Cafe Coho.

Photo: Belated birthday cake :)

This was a pistachio and orange blossom cake- so good.

Then we headed back to the train station. We had both put the radio 5 film podcast on our phones, so we settled back and both listened on the journey home- lovely and relaxing.

Do you love a day trip? I think Brighton is a great place to visit for the day, and it is just near enough for it to be manageable.

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18 thoughts on “Trip to Brighton”

  1. I really want to visit Brighton, I’ve never been. I’m really trying to get out of Bristol more – it is such a fab city we feel loathe to miss it when we have time to explore but there are so many other great places to visit!

    1. Oh right I get it! Dearie me how didn’t I see that! I just saw the hawaiian writing and didn’t bother saying it! Looked fab on the menu!

  2. Very good idea on the train, that way you don’t have the traffic trying to get out of Brighton. I love going down even if its just to sit on the beach with my eyes closed 🙂

  3. I do love Brighton but I really need to go there when I’m not racing so I’m in a less of a rush and flustered afterwards (and sweaty!)
    I love all the foodie places and ice cream…and sweets. Brighton is just over an hour away for us so we should go there more often I think.

    1. Yes we were saying that this time, as the last few times we have been doing the half marathon or the 10K! Much more civilised to just visit for the day!

  4. I used to go to Brighton all the time, but I’ve not been in about 5 years, I must try and go down there again as I bet there are a lot of new shops/restaurants since I last went.

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