Working out in fancy clothes

Now as you may well know, I am not the most fashion conscious person out there. I do like to buy new clothes, but I think I have found styles that suit me, and I don’t tend to try the latest fads.

I was recently made aware of an article that criticised Katherine Jenkins for wearing make-up while she ran a marathon. I mean, talk about ridiculous. (The full article is here, on the Daily Wail, but don’t feel that you have to give it page views). I don’t wear makeup, but I don’t ever wear it, and personally I would not want to wear it while working out as I hate the feeling of my skin being all covered and would imagine marscara would run all over my face. But, if you want to wear it then why not? I mean, I brush my hair before I work out as I have to tie it up- does that mean I am conceited or not putting in enough effort? No, it has absolutely no relevance. Some friends of mine have commented that they would not even go to the shops without makeup on and wish they had my confidence- I don’t think it is confidence really, but I think makeup on me looks sillier than my normal skin, plus I hate how it feels. But I don’t judge people who do wear makeup.

I do quite like to choose nice workout gear as I can end up spending a lot of time in it.

I have found that I like the following:

One- black bottoms. I do not want sweaty patches appearing!

Two- Loose fitting sweat-wicking tops. No cotton for me!

Three- Nice coloured other bits (eg jackets/ headbands)

Four- Comfortable clothing that does not move, chafe or generally slip about. I don’t want to be constantly pulling down tops or pulling up trousers.

The only thing is I chop and change between green, pink and blue accessories, so they don’t really match!

Now, I know you should not choose shoes on how they look (and I don’t) but I keep seeing gorgeous bright running trainers and getting tempted by them.

Sports Shoes have kindly sent me some fitness kit to help me look good while I work out

Seriously, how pretty are the shoes?

Love them! I have only worn them for walking so far but they are super comfy and really light. I don’t want to get them muddy, whereas usually with trainers I feel that they like to get muddy to show they are being used properly. These are too pretty for that!

They sent me some shoes, some long Nike workout trousers, and some Nike capris with a super pink waistband.

I love the long workout trousers, although as I am short they are slightly too long- they are now my official lounge pants (I have never had any before!)- they will also be good if /when I start doing yoga at home again.

The capris are fab- I prefer shorter bottoms as it doesn’t matter if they are cut a bit long. The waistband reminds me a bit of men’s underpants, but it does mean that when running they don’t fall down. I find that some with just elasticated waists can move about a bit, so I tend to go for ones with drawstrings so they can be tightened, but these stayed on my waist. Plus you can’t see the band underneath a t-shirt/ vest. Although the super shiny fabric (seriously, so shiny) meant that my little running belt kept slipping down. They also don’t have a pocket for my mp3 player. I do have pockets in some vests, so it would not be an issue, but I think I might keep these for pump anyway so it would not matter.

Although when I am running a race I tend to wear an old top as new ones get ruined by the safety pins- I know there is no point in trying to look my best for the race photos anyway!

Do you pay attention to clothes when you are working out? I must admit I have seen some rather funky leggings/ tights at pump recently, but I am sticking to my plain dark bottoms at the moment!

Would you/ do you wear make-up when working out (or just ever?)? I really don’t wear make-up at all. I wore mascara for Andy’s brother’s wedding at the weekend, and that was probably the first time in a couple of years, and I hated even that really. It is just not for me!

I was sent these in exchange for my review.

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27 thoughts on “Working out in fancy clothes”

  1. You may already be aware that I love to liven up my gym kit either with bright or patterned leggings or alternatively bright tops …. but only my gym kit, my daily clothes are VERY boring and dull and the right word to use would probably be “serviceable” 😉
    Sports Shoes are great though aren’t they!

  2. I do love to pay attention to my workout clothes, primarily because I live in them 24/7 😉 I have no interest in conventional fashion at all, but I go all gooey (scientific terminology right there…) over running shoes, crop tops, shorts, capris…all of it! I don’t wear any jazzy patterns because I don’t think they’re flattering on me at ALL, and I prefer to stick to black with accents of colour where I can. The no.1 priority is comfort and ease of movement though, and it always will be.

    I never wear make-up because I’m allergic to all of it, including the expensive ‘sensitive’ brands. I don’t really want my face to blow up like a balloon and end up covered in eczema, and even if I could wear make-up I probably wouldn’t. I have low self-confidence, but I don’t see the point in covering myself up with a mask of make-up because, deep down, I know what I look like underneath it and presenting a facade to the world is never going to change that reality. I’d rather people knew exactly what I looked like, and then they can decide on that basis what they think of me – who would want to be judged as a false version of themselves anyway? I guess I have a ‘like me or lump me’ approach 😛


    1. I think I have that approach too really- I never wear heels either because even if I did, I would still be short, and people could see I was in heels, so they may as well know how short I am. Plus I can’t walk in them.

  3. I love yoga pants and they do double duty as lounge wear and exercise wear. I prefer black ones most of the time but I go for bright color leggings or top on occasion to break up the monotony.

  4. I’m not a frequent makeup wearer at all. Packing for my hen do at the weekend I actually spent 15 minutes hunting out my make up bag! I never wear any for work, and definitely not for working out, but on the rare occasions I go out in the evening I tend to wear eye shadow and mascara. But that’s about it!
    I always look longingly at the pretty trainers. I have huge feet and such limited choice when it comes to footwear. I love the pretty colours though. If I had unlimited funds I’d love some funky tops. My workout gear is rather plain and I mainly live in old race tees!

    1. I love technical race tops, but I have so many cotton ones that I barely ever wear.
      I keep looking at the trainers before our sweatshop runs too, but I know I need to really try them on and stuff and not just buy the nicest colour! Most of my trainers have been normal white ones with little bits of colour.

  5. I never wear make up, I can’t understand wearing it to work out in. Love those shoes! I tend to go for what’s comfortable over fashion with working out, but I do like bright colours.

  6. I much prefer dark capris or shorts. I’m not a huge fan of the crazy patterned ones I’m seeing at the moment. I have those Nike capris in bright pink and use them as my gym wear rather than running wear (I feel quite self-conscious in them!)
    I don’t wear make-up. The only time I ear make-up (and I think you said the same in a comment on my blog) is for weddings where you feel like you kind of have to wear it. Then I’ll probably have a bit of tinted moisturizer, eye liner and mascara. Sometimes lip-gloss but I find I tend to lick it off and it doesn’t last long (sounds gross doesn’t it?)
    The shoes look fab – love the colours. I’m due to get new trainers soon and wouldn’t mind some cool looking ones.

  7. I have these trainers in pink and looked everywhere before I bought them. Im actually yet to use them (hehe) because I’m afraid to get them dirty because they are so cute. I agree though, having good workout clothes makes a huge different in WANTING to workout and I think its makes a difference in your overall performance too.

    1. They are too cute it is true! Yes I agree if you want to wear your workout clothes you will maybe want to workout more 🙂

  8. I remember reading the Daily Fail article about Katherine Jenkins at the time and assumed that it must have been a slow news day. I personally don’t put make up on to work out, but if I am already wearing mascara, I don’t take it off. I will take foundation off (though it is rare that I wear it).

    I love those trainers! They are absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t blame you for not wanting to get them muddy! I may take a trip to our Sweatshop next time (they are Nike specialists) as Nike always has lovely colours (I suspect I will end up back in Sauconys though!). I love the Nike capris too – they are the only ones that fit me properly.

    1. I find Nike capris good too- I have a few loose fit ones which are good for when it is a bit hotter.

  9. I am trying to wear less make up to give my skin a break and getting more confident with not wearing make up when out and about, but I do like to wear a little make up at work.
    Those trainers look so pretty, I can understand you don’t want to get them muddy! Love the sound of the waistband on the leggings, my main gripe is having to keep pulling up leggings when running, I have a pair from Primark that are always falling down, but the ones I have from lululemon fit me just right. I guess sometimes you also get what you pay for!

  10. I really love jazzy workout gear on others and always admire it, but it never seems to work so well for me! 🙂

    I never wear make up when I’m working out. Have had a few occasions in the past when I’ve gone straight to the gym after work or after catching up with someone and forgotten I’ve got mascara on. Needless to say, it didn’t end well…!

    Those lounge trousers look SO COMFY! Very jealous!

    1. That is how I feel about the girl at pump- they look fab on her but not sure I could pull them off!

  11. I love printed workout clothing, especially leggings. But I design it for a living, so I guess it helps that I am into it!
    I do wear makeup every day, but I take it off before I exercise to let my skin breathe and so I don’t have black smudges around my eye!
    Fair play to the lady who ran the marathon in make-up (I don’t actually know who she is)! I just wouldn’t do it as I’d have terrible spots afterwards from the sweat being trapped under the make-up… eeeew!

    1. She is an opera singer (or classical singer)- I am sure you would recognise her if you saw a picture. Yes I don’t like the idea of sweaty skin under makeup, but whatever makes you feel better really.
      I didn’t realise you designed workout gear- very cool!

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