3 run weekend

Hey peeps, I hope you are all doing well. Last week we got back from Berlin on Wednesday evening (too late for Sweatshop!) and then on Thursday I was meeting someone at work early on, plus I was going to pump in the evening, so by the time Friday rolled around I was itching for a run!

I went out before breakfast- as I had been to pump the night before (and that was the first time for 3 weeks as for the previous 2 weeks I had late meetings for work) I had achy legs so took it easy. I went up to the field where the cows are, luckily they were away from the path, and I enjoyed being out in the cool air. 4.35 enjoyable miles.

On Friday night I could not decide about parkrun, so decided to see what time I woke up.  Saturday morning I woke early so after some pottering about I headed out. Because I had a long run planned for Sunday, and because my hip was annoying me on the train journey to Gatwick the previous Friday, I was going to take it easy.Famous last words eh?  I was pretty good to begin with- I flipped my watch around so I could not see the screen and just ran on feel. At one point my hip felt weird, so I told myself to ease off, but of course for the final bit I had to try to finish as fast as possible (although the gentle finish slope has never felt so steep!), and then when I stopped my watch and saw 27 something I wished I had pushed a bit harder (although as soon as I stopped I felt a bit sick so I had pushed hard at the end). Later on when I got my text I was surprised to see I managed 27.12- this is now the third time I have managed that exact time! I also managed a royal flush negative split, with every mile being faster than the previous one (I know that is easier with 3 miles than longer races!)- not really taking it easy! I ended up putting Deep Heat on my hip later on as it was a bit achy, but nothing too bad. 3.1 (mostly) enjoyable miles.

On Sunday I was up bright and early for my long run. Annoyingly, just as I was about to leave, I found that my Garmin had run out of charge. It would not normally bother me too much (although I am loving adding my runs to Daily Mile and tracking my monthly and yearly miles) but I hadn’t decided on a route, I knew I wanted to run 9 miles but could not remember which route I needed, so had to have it on so I would run the right amount. I charged it for a bit, and then headed out, but this was not so good because by then I was hungrier and the weather was hotter. I started off OK, but for the final few miles I was too hot and thirsty; I was annoyed with myself for not bringing any water with me, and by the end I was struggling. I managed 9 miles, although the Garmin ran out of battery at 8.94, a bit before I got home. 9 miles and lesson learned- charge my Garmin the night before, and bring a drink if it is a super hot day!

When I got home the first thing I did was have a coconut ice lolly- even more refreshing than some cold coconut water.

After that I had to pop to town, and then went to the allotment for a couple of hours of weeding and planting. I have some weed resistant matting, so I put that down with some new strawberry plants, as our own strawberry plants are really hidden in the grass now! I had a very sore back when I got home though. Perfect timing, as I had a sports massage booked for Monday evening.

Three runs in a row is really my limit- after that I just slow down loads and get really achy. I am always amazed at people who run 6+ times per week. Although I have found that I quite like a short run the day before a long run, but I know I really need a rest day after a long run.

Where do you like to have your rest days?

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10 thoughts on “3 run weekend”

  1. This post reminds me I must go to telco and buy some of those lollies! They sell them in the health food shop but very pricy in there!

  2. I would be lost without my Garmin now. I always say it, but I am a big stats geek and I’ve loved entering my data on the Fetch website, to see if I’ve ‘conquered’ any new zones that I haven’t run before! I would have found it incredibly frustrating having the Garmin cut out quite so close to the finish.
    Well done on pushing yourself on the Saturday and Sunday runs. A deserved massage on the Monday!
    I always aim for six runs in a week so that I know I will achieve five and this works for me. No matter how well I plan there always seems to be at least one day where I have to change plans at the last minute!

    1. I needed rest days when I started- I used to run Mon, Wed and Fri, but now I am OK 2 days in a row most weeks- 3 is really only for when I have been away or something!

  3. 3 runs in a row in definitely my limit, I like to run 5 times a week, but split it into 3 in a row and 2 in a row. It’s been so hot this weekend, definitely ice lolly is a good idea to cool down!

    1. I saw on the facebook page of the local half marathon (yesterday) people having ice lollies after they had finished-more races nee to do this in the summer!

  4. I definitely need rest days in a week. I think 5 days a week running would be my maximum.
    I would hate not having my Garmin. Not necessarilly because I’m a slave to my pace (as Steve Way said in an interview on Marathon Talk) but because I love having the stats later on to geek over. It’s always handy to have an account of how exactly the run went. Also it’s cool to be able to compare to runs from like last year or whatever. I did the same race as last year so it’s really interesting (and somewhat depressing) to see how I compare.

    1. Yes I like to look back like that, and also because I am seeing how many miles I run each month and year I don’t want it to miss any out!

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