Taper time

Well, sort of.

I have not followed a training plan for this half marathon. I am feeling quite relaxed about it, although I am sure on Sunday morning I will be nervous. Not following a plan has been good- I have roughly worked out the long run distance each week but I have not been obsessive about ticking off the miles. The downside is that I forgot about cutting back a bit. I know that with a half marathon I don’t need a month long taper or anything, but I know I do better if I take it a bit easier the week before.

Anyway, on Monday I remembered and so only did a 3 mile run after work. It was one of those runs that felt so slow (it was windy and my legs were stiff) but actually was not that bad- around 10 minute mile pace which for after work is OK for me.

The Pump instructor is away this week, which again is pretty good timing as my legs take a while to recover from the squats and lunges.


After my Monday run I tried some of this coconut water- lemonade flavour. It is all £1 at Ocado at the moment so I ordered one of them to see. The verdict? I quite liked it. It was sharp and tangy (and not fizzy- phew)- it does have some added fruit sugar but only a small amount (2% I think) and I suppose it would have been too sour otherwise.

Photo: Picked a whole bowl of strawberries (plus a few raspberries) at the allotment on Sunday- have been enjoying them for breakfast this week.

On Sunday we spent time at the allotment and picked a whole load of strawberries and a few raspberries. I have been enjoying them with my breakfast since, and still have some left. I put some chia seeds in a bowl with a little almond milk, then add the berries, some muesli, sometimes a few almonds, and then top with more milk, and let it soak overnight. Delicious.

I am off to Sweatshop tonight and have been told we can choose between a shorter or slightly longer run, but I think I am going to err on the side of caution, especially as my back has been a bit stiff today. Then I can’t decide what to do for the rest of the week. I think I might have a short run after work on Friday, as I have a busy day on Saturday, plus I would rather be a bit rested before Sunday.

Favourite summery drink? I quite like elderflower, but I had some on Friday which turned out to be fizzy so I was not that impressed with it. Peach iced tea or mango coconut water are also on my refreshing list.


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14 thoughts on “Taper time”

  1. I still haven’t tried that lemon flavour coconut water so must hunt some down, I am a blended Americano or water drinker in the heat but a coconut water always goes down well although I like the plain ones best : )

  2. I tried that lemon vitacoco after we own the night and I thought it was vile, it’s so sweet tasting, I’ve never been a fan of fizzy drinks so I think that is why the taste put me off. I haven’t done any proper training for my half on Sunday, hoping my ultra training is still in the legs 4 weeks on!! Good luck for the race!

    1. Oh dear! I found it quite sharp and not too sweet- It wasn’t fizzy though.
      You have such a good fitness base you will be fine for your half this weekend- good luck to you too!

  3. Half marathons are weird ones aren’t they? I tend to do what you do, run a bit less than previously. I tend to keep things easy as well, maybe have a fastish session at the start of the week only.
    Lemonade flavour but not sparkling? This sounds very strange to me…mixed with coconut? My head has just exploded… 😉
    I am sadly unoriginal in my favourite summer drink: an ice cold diet cold from a pub. Ice and a slice. With a straw. Heavenly. Never from a can or bottle, always from the tap. Though Pimms is always a good one too – with lots of fruit!

    1. It’s like old fashioned lemonade- that isn’t fizzy either. Plain coconut water doesn’t taste of coconut either, so it is not like they are mixed. Although I did make coconut and lemon cakes which were tasty!

  4. Tapering leaves you with a lot of free time, doesn’t it! I’m supposed to be tapering for an event next Saturday but what will I do with myself until then?!
    Good luck with your race!

    1. Yes that is true! I can always fill it with something though! Hope your event next Saturday goes well.

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