Things I wonder when I watch Gogglebox

So, at first when you hear the concept of Gogglebox, you just wonder what is the point? We thought the same- we were flicking through channels and came across it and both thought “watching people watch TV- we can just watch the TV ourselves”. But then we watched for five minutes and became a bit addicted to it. Seeing how people react to different TV shows is just really funny (and can be rather worrying too). Now it has moved to prime time Friday night viewing it means I can look forward to it all week too.

So here is what I wonder:

  • How much alcohol do the B&B owners actually consume? Is he what we would call a high functioning alcoholic? And how red will his face get by the end of the episode?
  • How many tea cosy’s does the vicar own?
  • Does the vicar’s dog have a head? All we ever see are the legs.
  • How do the two girls from Brixton function with nails that long?
  • How much takeaway do two people need (again the girls from Brixton)? And was there really a mouse?
  • Is there anyone that Leon actually likes? (Although worryingly we often agree with him!)
  • How many times will the guy in Clacton fall asleep?
  • Most importantly, will that girl’s boyfriend ever speak?

Are you a Gogglebox fan? And if so, what do you wonder when you watch it?

PS. I started writing this a few weeks ago, but sadly now it is not on, so it might not make sense. If you are wondering there are some old episodes on channel 4 on demand. Go on, give yourself a giggle.

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14 thoughts on “Things I wonder when I watch Gogglebox”

  1. Ha! I did think what the hell is this? when I first saw Googlebox, but actually it’s very addictive. I don’t watch it all of the time, just a few snippets here and there, but do find it interesting, more because I’m quite nosey than anything else.

  2. I need to watch some Gogglebox! Everyone is going on about it at the moment but I’ve never caught it whilst it’s been on. I’ll have to pop it on 4OD tomorrow!

    1. Yes, they tend to watch the TV that we don’t (like x-factor or whatever) but t least they show a little bit so we know what they are going on about. But mainly it is their reactions that are so funny.

  3. At first I was horrified at this programme. What drivel I thought. But then after a few more minutes (because you can’t turn it off, can you? It’s like watching a car crash) I got sucked in. I don’t watch it consistently but I do watch it when I can. I agree with the takeaway comments about those ladies. So funny – they always have such a spread!

  4. I’ve never seen it! My Mum is always telling me about it though. I want to see it now that I’ve read your comments- sounds intriguing!

    1. It is very funny- worth a look on on demand, as I am not sure how long they are there for. Or just look on you tube!

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