Mangoes on the move with Urban Fruit

Recently Urban Fruit sent me some goodies to review- I love their “gently baked” fruit; some dried fruit with a few almonds or brazil nuts is such a good snack. Although chocolate covered dried mango, and cherries inside brownies are also very good.


They have a huge range of dried fruits (with no horrible sulphites added either) so there is something for everyone . I love the mango and strawberries the most but I have not yet tried a fruit that I have not liked (although I have not yet tried the dried banana- I like real banana but am not keen on strong banana flavours so am saving them…).


I have been loving the fruits combined with a few nuts for snacks to take with me to work. I often tend to opt for snack bars, because I don’t always eat the snacks I bring with me, and so they will last.. But these also last (unlike fresh fruit which gets squashed/ goes mouldy after a few days). I love the dried strawberries- perfect with a few almonds.


I made a tropical mix with dried pineapple, coconut and a few nuts (brazils and almonds).

So I have an exciting giveaway for you!

UF Range visual small

Urban Fruit are offering 5 readers a tote bag filled with their delicious dried fruits!

They are trying to encourage people to have healthier on the go snacks, so all you need to do it leave a comment on this post saying your favourite healthy on the go snack. For an extra entry, comment on the link to this post on my facebook page.

Entries are open to UK residents only.

Entries will close on Saturday 12th July at 6pm, and I will then pull names out of a hat.

Good luck!


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12 thoughts on “Mangoes on the move with Urban Fruit”

  1. Love your bird lunchbox!
    Urban Fruit have so much variety. I love crisp, cold apples at the moment for a healthy on the go snack.

  2. My favourite on the go snack is an apple and some almonds, I always have a nakd bar in the bottom of my bag for emergencies too, they are bit more ‘bottom of handbag’ friendly than apples! I recently tired some urban fruit mango for the first time and I loved it!

  3. Im due to review some of these too soon! Love how handy and versatile these are for on the go snacking – without the nasties!

  4. Oh no! Only just found your blog and I missed this – I love Urban Fruit. Did you get round to trying the banana? I just tried it today and it is soooooo good 🙂

    1. Oh no, shame you missed it.
      I tried it and I do quite like it, although it tastes like very ripe banana whereas I usually prefer them a bit green.

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