Running in the heat

It is tough. I run much better when it is cool, but luckily I am running for fun and not training at the moment.

But also the weather forecast has not been that helpful- I went out on Friday night in the sweltering heat, because I thought Saturday would be more storms, but in fact Saturday was overcast and would have been fine. Ah well.

Anyway, Sunday was a lovely 6.5 mile run looping around the fields. Just perfect to be home before most people were awake. Although it was so hot as the sun was blazing down.


Too cool down after that I made a chai latte- I had some coconut tea brewing in my tea jug, and had some of that topped up with almond milk. I have made this with a little splash of cinnamon syrup too, but it is lovely just like that too.


So summery.


As we are off on holiday soon we have been trying to run the freezer down a bit. I found a scone in there so had it for lunch on Sunday with some lemon curd. Delish.

On Monday and Tuesday I had a run after work- both the same out and back route mostly through the fields. On Monday I ran out for 15 minutes, then turned around and headed home- I got back in 14 minutes so I was pretty pleased to manage that in the heat. My Garmin has been playing up a bit though- it finds a satellite, then when I start it, it loses the signal again so often the first half a mile of my run is not on the map, and then it affects the overall speed and distance too. Today was the same route but I didn’t pay attention to the time, I just enjoyed it- on my way back there was a lovely strong breeze so it was more comfortable.

I have been wearing my tennis visor which keeps my face cool, and trying to choose shady routes, but really in this weather I think any run is a bonus so I am just enjoying it.


I made some fudge at the weekend as gifts for colleagues (note to self, boiling up sugar when it is baking hot outside is not the best way to cool down), so I packaged that all up. I got those cute bags and tags from ebay- so pretty. I got some red spotty ones too that remind me of Minnie Mouse, but will be good colours for Christmas.

We have been having some lovely walks after dinner too- I have not been using my hairdryer as it i so hot, so this lunchtime my hair was still wet from last night! This evening we had a walk which started off my hair drying at least.

Any cooling down tips? 

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20 thoughts on “Running in the heat”

    1. It has been tough, which is why I have only been doing short runs.
      Thanks- I was really pleased with how they looked- they were well received too 🙂

  1. Well if it’s any consolation I can barely WALK in this weather we’re having! My gym has some pretty arctic air con, so running there would be manageable…. it just seems a shame to be wasting the sunshine on a treadmill! My only cooldown advice is cold showers when possible – I don’t think I’ve ever been this clean!

  2. Your fudge parcels look great. I must remember to do something similar for my workmates at Christmas.
    I’m not a massive fan of running in the heat. At the Conti run I loved the sponges they had out in a trough of cool water. Sponging cold water over my face, head and neck was the best refreshment in the heat.

    1. Sponges sound like an amazing idea- I sometimes just pour water on my head (over the sink) when I get back to cool down.

  3. I feel a little bit like a fraud as because I’ve been running in the early morning hours I actually avoid too much of the hot heat that goes on through the day and evening. This will not benefit me though when I have to race in that heat in my upcoming half…
    I love doing a freezer clear out. I feel so good when I use stuff up. Feels like I’m saving money AND making space. But our cake supply never really diminishes…as we always top it up 😉

  4. Well done for running so often! I’ve skipped it this week apart from one shady evening run with my long boarding 13 year old zooming past me on the down hills and running past me on the uphills.

  5. I find running in the heat/humidity really tough. I have to wear a visor if it’s sunny, and I find that makes a big difference. I like to go early as well, aiming for a very early one tomorrow to beat the heat!

  6. I am really struggling with the heat and humidty for running, particularly at lunchtime, so my overall mileage is suffering a bit. I haven’t got into a routine of morning running yet, but I used to love that. Yesterday I went out at 8.30 and by the time I finished at 10am it was so so unbearably hot, yet today when I went out on the bike at 9am it wasn’t quite so bad.

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