Emily Fruit Crisps

A few weeks ago I was sent some Emily fruit crisps.


While Emily and her partner, Alex were travelling in the Far East, they found a way of making crisps in a vacuum that preserves all the good things in fruit while still being really crunchy.

And look how gorgeous the packaging is too.

They just contain fruit (either apple, pineapple or banana) and some non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (not sure of the percentage).

I have had apple crisps before, and liked them, so I tried the pineapple first.


They were hard to photograph, but you can see the sort of size. They were lovely- a nice crunch but not break-your-teeth crunchy, and the pineapple flavour was delicious.  I liked that they were a bit thicker too- some fruit crisps I have tried have been paper thin, but these were more chunky. The packet was 30g, and I saved some for later as that is a lot of crisps.


They are lovely on their own, but I think that for a treat the apple ones would be amazing dipped in some caramel sauce.

Are you a fan of fruit crisps? I tend to associate crispy things with savoury flavours, but these made a lovely snack.

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12 thoughts on “Emily Fruit Crisps”

  1. Ooh sound tasty. I’ve had apple crisp before which were nice (but incomparable to how delicious normal apple is of course 😉
    The pineapple ones sound really tasty. Love pineapple!

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