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Over the last few weeks I have been running pretty consistently, which I am pleased about. Although weekends have been busier which has meant my favourite thing of parkrun on a Saturday and a long run on the Sunday has not been possible.

A few weeks ago Andy suggested a day out on the Sunday, if I got all my work done on Saturday. I headed out early for an 8 mile run, before ploughing through. I am really glad I did, because we had a great day on the Sunday.

We walked all around London. Through Greenwich Park along the Thames to the 02 (that part of the Jubliee Greenway is not as scenic as the more central part through!).

We got the cable cars across (I am not a huge fan of cable cars), then got the train to the Tower Of London.

Where we saw the poppies.

It was really stunning and really though-provoking too.

We walked along the river some more, and ended up in Covent Garden. We looked at going to the BB Bakery for tea and cake, but it was busy so in the end we bought a brownie to take away with us, and headed home.

I have still been managing to run on two evenings when I get home, although the fields are pretty much out of action now as it is so dark. One evening I had gone there in the light, but could hear motorbikes being driven around the fields and didn’t fancy that, so tried to make a short cut. I ended up in the field with the big cows and big horns, the path (that had a proper sign post) went down a ditch, around a corner and the finished, so I was there in the half-light trying to find my way out. I got to the edge of the field but the fence was covered in two layers of barbed wire so I had no chance of jumping over it. It was dark by the time I got out and home- not good.

Last Saturday I was planning on going to parkrun, as it was the 10th anniversary. But I was out on Sunday (I went to the Cake and Bake show) and knew I had to have a long run. I did think about driving to my brother’s, then getting him to drive us there, then running parkrun and back to his, but it seemed a big faff, and I don’t really like big breaks in runs (eg the queue for the scanning) so in the end I did 10.5 miles (I mis-calculated the new part I added on) before the rain.

Last week at Sweatshop was my 25th run since getting the new card, so I got a free nutrition pack:

2014-10-03 21.13.13Although I don’t think I will use the gels- if anyone wants them I will post them to you- let me know.

Body Pump was back too (the instructor has been off)- we had one last week of the one we were used to, and then last week started the new one. I liked the music for the squats (The Killers) and there was a funny one for biceps (I think?)- something like “rave, eat, sleep, repeat”- reminded me of my run t-shirt, although I suspect the song came first….

But, the Kinetic Revolution has fallen by the wayside. I have had days where I am working until 10pm and at that point the last thing I feel like doing is jumping around the living room. So, I will finish those 30 days, but slowly! And I think once I have finished, I will probably go back to the first two weeks as I felt those would benefit me the most.

This Saturday a new parkrun starts near me, so I am planning on going to that to check it out, but take it fairly easily as I have the 10 mile race on Sunday.

How has your activity been lately?


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20 thoughts on “Activity lately”

  1. I love the new Body Pump – aside from the lunge track, I think it’s one of the best releases we’ve had in a long time. The squat track is quite apt as it’s a real ‘killer’ and high-energy for a change. I often get a bit bored by doing endless squats but this one actually had some flair to it. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat is the shoulder track, and Les Mills have also used it for the plyo track in Attack as well (which is possibly the hardest track Attack has ever seen), and the biceps track is one of my favourite songs! It’s Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch, and I look forward to biceps every time as a result. Lunges is way too easy though 🙁 I hate it when they put in barely any actual lunges and because you have to use a plate instead of a bar it’s not possible to use anything heavy enough to be a challenge.


    1. Yes I forgot about no bar in lunges – I find it harder to balance too.I love your reviews of pump x

  2. My activity is thankfully picking up and I can finally feel excited about exercising again, my back seems to be on the mend although I am not doing any jumping around I am pumping some iron which feels good! I saw the poppies when I was in London the other week so beautiful and I agree very thought provoking x

  3. All my morning runs will now be using a head torch. It’s just so dark and there’s one road which is always part of my running routes that has no street lights! Crazy and it’s quite a fast road. Luckily it’s not that busy though during the early hours, but still.
    Normally I’d say I’d fancy the gels but we have so many at home as we stockpiled for the marathon and training (for both Ben and me) and then Ben stopped running and I didn’t use any during training because I didn’t get past 13 miles…so we have loads!!
    My activity this week has been zilch but it’s fine and dandy. I am itching to run but I’m doing well holding back and resting for a bit 😀

    1. I think you need a rest after Berlin ! I was looking at head torches but think i right feel silly in one !

    1. They are so pretty but they keep adding more – one for every soldier who died so the amount is really shocking. I found a gate in the end!

  4. That is my new running route in Greenwich, around the thames path up to the 02 and into Greenwich, it’s a little gritty but I do really like it. We’ve been so busy lately with the house move and then holiday, every free second right now is diy related, so I’m feeling quite drained, and running and all activity really is taking a much needed back seat.

    1. I think in a few years it will be nice, but at the moment it was mostly looking at rusty fences, wooden fence panels, junk and weeds! We did see lots of runners but I suppose when you are running the bad view goes by quicker 😉

  5. Good luck for Sunday! I hope you enjoy the new parkrun too. We’ve had a couple more spring up near us recently, but I haven’t ventured out to them yet.

    The poppies at the Tower are really coming along now – there are hundreds more in your pictures to when I was there in late August.

  6. Your trip to London looks lovely, I’m hoping to make it up to the big smoke soon for a trip to see the poppies.
    My activity has been pretty bad but hopefully the motivation/time/energy fairy will visit soon!

  7. I’ve not done Body Pump in ages, that used to be a real regular class for me.
    I ran past the poppies at the Tower of London a few weeks- it looks amazing! Love running in Greenwich too 🙂

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