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Wow it has got chilly over the last few days! A while back I bought some chai hot chocolate, and then put it in the cupboard and forgot about it. I have been having some this week- it is pretty good, but I think Montezuma’s hot chocolate (especially the peppermint one) is the best.

Way back in September (I think) I ordered some vegetarian marshmallows from the marshmallow deli (they are all free from gelatin and they do vegan ones too). I am not a hige marshmallow fan, but I think the novelty of being able to have them, plus their amazing array of flavours (gingerbread man, peanut butter…) swayed me. Anyway, the order was a bit delayed, but finally arrived the other week- again perfect timing with this cold snap.

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I bought vanilla chai ones (which are more vanilla like and less chai like) and hazelnut caramel ones (I have yet to try them)- I think I need to try and make a s’mores at some point.

They are worth a look for gifts if you were looking for something a little different- they have gift boxes and also some amazing looking dairy free caramel or butterscotch sauce.

I have also been keeping cosy with tea. On our last trip to Brighton I bought some tea from the Bluebird tea company.

2014-11-25 15.23.16

Including vanilla earl grey, Candy cane, Christmas cake, mulled wine and gingerbread rooibos- they even included a little card to show how to make a gingerbread latte.

2014-11-25 15.18.58The Christmas cake tea even has little sprinkles in it!

2014-11-25 15.21.18

So pretty, and so festive.

I have also been running- I was really sore on Monday after the 5 miles on Sunday, but by Tuesday I was OK. We did 3 miles with the running club, in the wind and cold. In fact I nearly didn’t go as I had been coughing a lot and had such a headache, I think from the pressure of coughing, but I had missed last week due to being ill, and the week before because of work, so I felt I had to go. I was so glad I did- the headache was still there half way into the run, but by the end it had gone- I think the fresh air really helped.

Tonight it was a quick 3 miles with the Sweatshop crew, and then home to a hot shower and warm tea.

And this:

My athlete card arrived! How exciting! Now I can get cheaper race entry, hmm, what to sign up for….


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18 thoughts on “Keeping cosy”

  1. Cheaper race entries really do make a difference! It’s only a few quid each time but I enter enough races for that to really add up!
    The weather very much calls for hot chocolate with marshmallows right now. Dan and I always have a stockpile of various types in the cupboard to work our way through.

    1. I know just looking at the races I did in the last calendar year I would have easily made up the cost of membership- wish I had joined sooner!

  2. I’ve been craving marshmallows recently, I was thinking of trying to make some myself, but the flavours from that company sound amazing, as do those teas. I’ve never had a really good look in that shop in Brighton, will definitely do so next time I’m down 🙂

    1. Making them always seems very complicated I think (plus the gelatin would put me off too)- good luck if you try it!
      The tea shop in Brighton is worth a visit for sure!

    1. They do, don’t they? Choosing the flavour that would best suit your hot chocolate could be a tricky choice!

    1. It was because I joined a running club- they are affiliated with England Athletics, so I automatically was joined up. You get offers like money off running gear too, so it seems worth finding a club to join.

  3. Those marshmallows sound amazing!! I am tempted to get Ben some for Christmas – they would be exactly his thing (and I could nab a few to try as well of course…).
    The tea sounds really tasty too – I really should try more interesting teas. I just stick to peppermint, black and plain rooibos!

    1. Teapigs do little sample packs of two teabags, so you can order a few others to try. Or I just try a new box from the supermarket when I go shopping.

  4. All of those teas and hot chocolate – I need them in my life! I did buy a Yogiteas Christmas collection, which I’m steadily working my way through… but now I’m thinking I need to step it up a notch with my festive drinks 😉 A trip to Brighton may be in order!

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