Fred Hughes 10- freezing my crumpets

I ordered some crumpets this week, but they had a short date so I put them in the freezer- Andy asked what I was doing and I told him the same as I would be doing on Sunday- freezing my crumpets. That is what happens on cold runs.

So a while back I did the Hatfield 5 and at the end was given a leaflet advertising the Fred Β Hughes 10. I had looked at it a few years ago but it was cancelled due to ice and snow, so then I was pretty glad I hadn’t signed up. But the 10 mile distance fitted well into my marathon training plan, and at Β£18 (including a technical T) it was good value, and pretty much on my doorstep. I think it was also the first race I signed up to and got the affiliated discount! How exciting!

Earlier in the week I saw the weather which forecast heavy rain for all of Sunday morning, so I was not looking forward to it. Then we had a bit of snow yesterday, and I was then worried about icy pavement. Luckily this morning was cold, but there was no ice, and no rain.

I had a clif bar for breakfast, as the race didn’t begin until 10. Normally now I would run 10 miles and then eat, but I thought it would be a bit too late to eat by the time I got home.

The race HQ was in a school- a bit of a faff as I was told the car park was full, but as I was leaving a marshal came and told me they had opened up a new car park so I had to try and turn around in the road with cars trying to turn in- not so easy!

Anyway, I picked up my number, chatted to some running buddies, and then went back to my car to sort out what I needed to leave behind (extra jumper etc) and what I needed with me (gloves).

Then I walked to the race start, which was 400m up the road. It was very very cold- I had worn a long sleeved top with a t-shirt over the top, my buff (neck thing) and a thin head band for my ears, but I was wondering if I should had worn more.

The starter horn went and even though I had started at the last possible time marker (100-110 minutes) floods of runners were overtaking me. I spent a bit of time feeling a bit inadequate as all these speedy club runners whizzed past, but then gave myself a bit of a talking to. There was a 2 hour time limit, which I was perfectly capable of doing. I didn’t need to get a pb, I was running to get my distance up as part of my training. I wanted to enjoy it. According to the website it was the County Championships, so probably attracted more club runners than most, so I spent a lot of time looking at the vests and wondering where they were from. There were plenty from London as well as Herts, Beds and Bucks.

My mind wandered for a while, pondering the names of the clubs. Near me there are the Ware Joggers (they organise the Ware 10 which is possibly my favourite race)- their tag line is “we run for fun” or something, and I think they sound welcoming. To counter that, there are the Harpenden Arrows, which just sounds too competitive to me- I can’t run as fast as an arrow so the name puts me off (I do know someone in that club, and he is friendly, but also pretty fast). A few others I noticed- Leighton Fun Runners (I like the sound of them), lots of .. Road Runners (I like roads, but I like fields too), and the one that kept confusing me, Fit 4 Fitness- shouldn’t it be Fitness 4 fun, Β or fit 4 life, or something else?

Anyway, back to the race. It was pretty undulating- you ran out for 1.5 miles, then a loop of 3.5 miles twice (not so good seeing the 8 mile marker on your first loop, especially when being overtaken by people on their second lap!) then back to the finish. It was good though- country lanes mainly, so there was nice scenery. But there were a few hills that were not my friend- one had a photographer right at the top- what lovely grimacing he would have captured!

The sun came out, and then my arms were warm (as my top was black)- I even took my gloves off for a bit. But for the final couple of miles the clouds came over and it got so cold- I was back to seeing my breath again. I was glad to see the 400m to go sign, and had enough energy to finish strong.

2015-01-18 12.19.00

I then picked up my t-shirt (you could even choose your size), got a banana and a cup of water, and then began the walk back to the HQ. That was the only downside I think, as it was so cold, and as soon as I stop I cool down really quickly. I could have put the t-shirt on for an extra layer I suppose, but I didn’t think it would do much. They did have tea and cakes inside race HQ, but I stopped at my car to put on my jumper and coat, and just wanted to head home at that point.

After a cup of tea and a hot shower I had some of my pre-frozen crumpets and yet more tea to try and warm up, before heading to the shops to pick up some bit for dinner.

I am really glad I signed up for this- I think had I not, I would not have got my long runs up to quite this distance just yet, whereas now I am pretty much level with my plan.

Official time: 1:37.41 (Position 636 of 732)- not a pb (stays at 1:36.12) but pretty close.

Which running club names do you think sound friendly/ elitist?Β 

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16 thoughts on “Fred Hughes 10- freezing my crumpets”

  1. We have the Pudsey Pacers up here, and to me they sound like the friendliest club in the world because I expect someone to turn up at some point in a huge Pudsey Bear costume πŸ˜‰ Durham City Harriers are the fastest…and most elitist club in the region. I know because there were a few girls at secondary school who ran XC for them, and they were…well, if you think I’m competitive, then multiply that by fifty and you might get something close to how they were. I also notice the way they act at races. I wouldn’t be at home in a ‘fun’ club, but at the same time I do frown on clubs who take things too far in the other direction.

    I’m glad you got to race! I think that’s the difference between the horrible North East and the South: ice can clear from one day to the next where you are, but up here it just sticks around for days on end. Doesn’t seem to bother everyone else, but I have no idea how they all run on it. I wish I lived anywhere else in the country but here (Scotland doesn’t count because that’s obviously a separate country…)

    1. Love the sound of the Pudsey pacers- they sound great!
      Yeah- we are lucky with the weather down here- although we have had times when it has snowed and the pavements have been frozen solid for days on end- not good. But nothing like the north!

  2. There is a local club that comes to our parkrun called “Saints & Sinners” which sounds like a real fun club to belong to & their t-shirts are bright yellow & fun.

    Well done on the race thats a lovely time as well, I just know Brighton is going to be fantastic for you πŸ™‚

    1. That is a good club name!
      Thanks- I wasn’t too fussed about the time so am really pleased that I was so close to my pb. πŸ™‚

  3. Nice work on the time considering you had some nasty hills to contend with and weren’t going for a PB!!
    I think the names around us are quite boring “Hedge End Running Club” is my club, but there’s “Fareham Crusaders” which sounds quite daunting whereas on the other hand there’s a female running club called “Solent Running Sisters” or something like that which sounds quite inviting if not a little too feminist!

  4. I’ve gotten into a routine of wearing a long sleeved top under a t-shirt lately as well. It’s just too cold for only one layer now!
    Well done on getting so close to your PB on a hilly course. Why do photographers always stand at the top of hills?! Surely they must realise we hate those photos and would never buy them?!
    You’re right about different clubs having such different personalities and I think you can tell a lot about a club by its name. We’re Wellingborough & District AC officially but everyone just knows us as Welly Runners. I often see Leighton Fun Runners vests at races and it does always make me wonder how fun they make their sessions!

    1. The buff is so good although a bit baggy so I need to tuck it under my head band thing to hold it in place πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Jemma πŸ™‚
      It normally takes me the first mile to warm up so I have to distract myself in that time!

  5. Well done, sounds like a fun race, albeit cold! I’m wearing 3 layers for running at the moment! I generally peel the top one off halfway round though πŸ™‚ But I’d rather have too many and take them off than not enough and be freeeeeeezing!

    My local running club is Headington Road Runners – which is what is says it is! They’re in Headington and they run on roads! Well, they do cross country as well actually. I’m preferring more casual running groups at the moment – like the shops ones. Much less competitive!


    1. I like the less competitive group runs too- I prefer the supportive groups.
      I suppose road and cross country runners is maybe too much of a mouthful and won’t fit on vests!

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