teapigs matcha challenge week 1

I was kindly sent a matcha kit by the lovely folks at teapigs, in exchange for taking their 2 week challenge, where you have some matcha every day.

2015-01-01 13.59.39The kit included a tub of matcha powder, an aerolatte whisk, and a very cute teapigs shot glass.

Now, I thought I sort of knew what matcha was, but on their website teapigs have a very interesting page all about it. To summarise, the tea is grown under cover for the final few weeks of growth, to encourage the plants to produce more chlorophyll. Then the leaves are hand picked, the stems and veins removed (they can taste bitter), and they are ground to a fine powder. You stir the powder into water, milk or juice, or have it in yoghurt or porridge, so instead of just having the steeped water and throwing out the tea leaves, you consume the whole plant.

Anyway, onto the challenge.

2015-01-01 16.58.33

I have tried it in a few ways this week.

2015-01-02 20.48.19

With milk is my favourite so far. I have tended to have it in the morning before breakfast. I have tried it with water but am not so keen- it’s not bitter, but it does taste quite green if that makes sense, and so not my favourite first thing.

2015-01-03 11.16.55


One day I tried it without the whisk, but I found it very hard to stir and mix and it stayed lumpy, so for me the aerolatte is the way to go.

I ordered from Ocado one of the matcha drinks- the elderflower was out of stock so I went for the apple flavour.

2015-01-06 19.45.23

This was really good. The ingredients are water, apple juice and matcha powder, and it had a lovely light apple flavour- like apple juice but less sticky if that makes sense.

So far I am enjoying the challenge for sure.

Have you ever tried matcha? I think next week I shall need to do some baking with it, but not sure on what just yet.

*I was sent the teapigs matcha kit in exchange for writing about it on my blog, but all opinions are my own.

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19 thoughts on “teapigs matcha challenge week 1”

  1. I *love* matcha 🙂 I blend it into my breakfast and lunch banana ice cream, and I can’t get enough of the green tea taste, even though I do need the sweetness of the banana to cut through the slight bitterness of the powder. I would have it all the time if I could, but it’s so very expensive that I actually asked for a tub (if you can call it that – it’s so small!) for my birthday and I’m trying to make it last as long as possible.

    Winning a lifetime supply of matcha would be an absolute dream, but I’m not sure if there’s a competition out there for that yet. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled 😉

  2. I’ve never tried matcha. Not too sure what it’s for to be honest so will have a look at that link. Sounds like a cool challenge though.
    I’ll be interested to see what you think by the end!

    1. It’s meant to have a lot of antioxidants etc- all the good stuff that’s in green tea, but better because you eat it.

    1. You would love it then I am sure, it does have a green taste, but not too bitter. I don’t like normal green tea but I do like this.

  3. I’ve used matcha in the past (not the Teapigs one though), not regularly but whenever I was having a low energy day, and found it great. I also like it pre workout. I just got my matcha kit today so will be trying this out for the next 2 weeks too.

  4. I love matcha especially in smoothies or I made some very tasty matcha biscuits too! I don’t mind a shot but agree it tastes better with milk then water, I haven’t tried those drinks yet but am intrigued to try them x

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