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I have always loved the radio. Probably in part due to me not being allowed a TV in my bedroom until I was at uni, but generally I like to be doing things, so the radio suits me as I can potter about while it is on. The excellent thing about podcasts is that they are like the radio, but on when you want them to be. Excuse me for stating the obvious here!

Anyway, in the summer I got a new phone, and one of the first things I did was buy the Pocket Cast app.  I used to load all podcasts into a little mp3 player, but it was a pain downloading them, copying them over, and then remembering which ones I had listened to and which ones I could delete. This app is amazing, seriously. Any podcast you listen to, you can add to your homepage/ subscribe to. I have a collection- marathon talk, the parkrun show, a whole load of radio 4 ones (Friday night comedy for The News Quiz, Food Prog, Infinite Monkey Cage, Feedback, More or Less), Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode’s film review, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square, Christian O’Connells Breakfast show (I tend to get these for holidays with long journeys), No Meat Athlete podcasts, and Serial (which if you have not listened to already, go and find it! It documents a journalist examining evidence in a murder trial, and is really interesting- we listened to it in Spain- I had to limit myself to one per day as it got a bit addictive!). I even found Happy Health Chat on there!

When you open the app it then prompts you when there is a new podcast to download. You can search by popular ones, or my name, if you fancy something new. If I am going on a long run, I can set up a playlist, or just choose one to be “up next”, and brilliantly if your headphones accidentally get pulled out of your phone, the podcast stops (instead of it using the phone speakers). Clever stuff. Then, once the podcast has been listened to, it automatically gets deleted, so no wasting a load of memory, and I don’t have to wonder which ones I need to delete. They are still linked to, so if you wanted to listen again you could click to download again. It also saves where you are (which my mp3 player didn’t always do) so I can carry on right where I left off.

Now my long runs are taking longer (getting closer to 3 hours) I need more to listen to, although for the rest of the week I tend to run without anything.

What are your favourite podcasts? Have you jumped on the Serial bandwagon yet?

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21 thoughts on “Podcasts are awesome”

  1. Will be checking out Serial for sure – I love podcasts! I generally listen to health/fitness ones or business/marketing/design ones but recently I’ve loved everything on http://www.radiotopia.fm/ – it’s like the equivalent of reading fiction to chill out sometimes 😉

  2. I do love podcasts on long drives and obviously during long runs as well. I’ve been listening to a load of back dated Marathon Talk podcasts while I’m on my way home from school recently. I do listen to the radio in the car from time to time but it annoys me how some radio stations only play songs from a select playlist and I get bored of them pretty quickly!

    1. It makes the exercise more “me” time I think.
      Yes, I was really pleased to find it, as I keep seeing the new one on bloglovin but need to be out to listen to it really.

    1. Andy really likes desert island disks but I am not so keen- although mainly because of the music which I don’t think they include that on the podcasts.
      Have just googled Criminal- looks intriguing so will give that a go for sure.

  3. Yes I bloody love podcasts, really got into them in a big way over the last few months, I like anything running, nutrition or health related. At the moment I listen to No meat athlete, marathon talk, rich roll podcast, Ben Coomber radio, food for thought, approaching the natural and phil learney podcast.

    1. It’s so interesting, if you can get past the lady saying “like” rather a lot. Seriously- start this weekend!!

  4. OK now that you’ve recommended the Serial podcast I’ll give it a go. I’ve heard so many good things about it but mainly from American bloggers so I was a bit sceptical…but since we both like similar podcasts I’m going to trust your judgement on this one! 🙂 I love listening to podcasts on a walk or run and in my car. So good.

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