Pretty baking!

Last weekend I knew I would be running for 20 miles, and we were seeing Andy’s parents after they had been away for weeks, so I decided that a pretty cake was in order.

Waitrose had a recipe card for a lemon and pistachio cake, so that is what I went with.

2015-03-08 15.39.44

Basically you make a pistachio marizipan by whizzing up pistachios, ground almonds, sugar and an egg in a food processor. Then you make a lemon cake, and then you put 1/4 of the lemon cake mixture in each of two tins, cover with the marzipan mixture and then put the rest of the cake mixture on top before baking.

2015-03-09 20.35.31

You then sandwich them together with icing- I had some Sugar and Crumbs pistachio icing sugar, so I made buttercream with that (I am not a huge fan of buttercream, but Andy and his family love it), and sprinkled a few more ground pistachios on the top. It is meant to be more stripy (as you can see in the Waitrose picture) but it was still pretty which was my main objective!

2015-03-09 20.33.55Also, it was very tasty. The pistachio filling was gorgeous- it stayed chewy, almost like the centre of a chewy meringue.

One to make again on another special occasion for sure.

Are you a pistachio fan?


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8 thoughts on “Pretty baking!”

  1. Your cake is every bit as pretty as the one in the picture 🙂

    I do like pistachios very much…only I have to buy the ones in the shells to slow me down while I’m eating them, or else I’ll finish an entire 100g bag by myself!

    1. This is literally what I was going to comment – the unshelled variety should come with a health warning! I’m also a very dedicated shell opener – nothing annoys me like a pistachio you can’t quite open… 😉

      1. I agree- I love the ones with shells as they take longer to eat, but also some of them I can never open the shells and that annoys me a lot!

  2. I’m not sure if I have ever had pistachios!
    This sounds lovely though and your cake looks just like the one on the Waitrose card! I do love picking up little recipe cards from the supermarket for a rainy day.

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