Spring feels close!

2015-03-03 17.36.04

The evenings are getting lighter at long last- hooray! This photo was probably at around 5.45pm- amazing. It means that soon I will be on the fields after work instead of running around the roads.

This week I finally got around to make these delicious Chocolate Chunk Bars.

2015-03-03 19.00.17I had printed the recipe off last year, but kept on forgetting about it.

2015-03-03 19.15.23

Everything tastes better with peanut butter, right? I swirled a little bit in before baking.

2015-03-03 21.45.43

And could not resist trying them straight away.

2015-03-03 21.47.24

So delicious. I find coconut flour can be quite dry, but I think having lots of liquid ingredients (I used agave instead of honey, but it also has eggs, and the chocolate mylk) really helps with this. And of course a bonus is that I got to drink the leftover chocolate mylk while it was baking. Thanks Laura for another fab recipe!

This week didn’t quite go as planned. I went for a sports massage on Monday which helped massively after the long run on Sunday. All was well until about 11pm when I suddenly had a bad stomach and kept having to visit the bathroom all night. So Tuesday I was off work, and missed my club run. I was meant to run 8 miles one evening this week, but didn’t really feel up to it. I went for a little run by myself on the fields, and felt OK, but 4 miles was certainly far enough.

2015-03-03 17.23.18

Seeing views like this helped. Going on the fields means I will be slower so I don’t worry about pace or anything, and just concentrate on doing the distance.

Then at work I had consultation evenings, so no time for running on those days either. I could have squeezed in a run on Friday when I got home, but I was really tired and so we had a walk before dinner instead. My mileage will be lower this week than planned, but I know I was being sensible.

Have you baked anything recently?

How brilliant are the lighter evenings?


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16 thoughts on “Spring feels close!”

  1. Im so with you on the lighter evenings – they brighten up my mood so much its amazing! And peanut butter? Cant live without it!

  2. The lighter evenings (and mornings!) are an absolute blessing for me. They make such a difference to my mood and Spring is by far my favourite season of the year.

    I hope you’re feeling better now!

  3. I am in love with the fact that slowly, slowly days are creeping into longer ones. I always feel like I can and do do so much more when its not dark at almost 3:30.

    A pull back week is always good as well and your training is going so well it can only do you good.

    1. I hope so- I feel like I have had a couple of shorter than expected weeks, but I think so long as the final 5 are steady then I should be OK>

  4. I am definitely with you on the add peanut butter and lighter evening things! It is so lovely to leave work in a little bit of light, and I can definitely feel my general grump easing off a smidge.

    1. Aw your little borrow a doggy! 🙂
      The sun was just at the right angle for that picture 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear you were ill. You could always class that week as a cutback week to help keep your legs fresh and stop the risk of over-training?
    More important to me are the lighter mornings! I’m up so early it’s just nice to be seeing the sun again. And I love getting woken up by the sunrise. But when the clocks go forward I’ll lose it again for a bit, grr!

    1. Thanks it didn’t last too long luckily.
      Yes, it was a bit of a cut back week although I had those planned in other weeks- hopefully it has not done any harm.

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