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Recently there has been a lot of running, and not so much baking, but that balance is about to switch. Last week I was kindly sent some new baking supplies from a German-based website, MeinCupcake.DE. (They do have a UK website too,

2015-03-26 17.22.26

Once I had chosen the items (from the huge extensive range of goods available including baking equipment, decorating supplies, flavourings, cake boxes and stands) they arrived within days. I was sent emails so I could track the parcel too.

I chose a bundt tin (I have been tempted by them for a while now), a loaf pan (my current one was going rusty and was too long for the loaf liners), a rolling pin for icing, and some straws.

2015-03-28 16.45.58

Andy recently bought himself a mini smoothie maker (this one – a total bargain, easy to clean, and blends ice and frozen fruit), so this weekend after my 12 mile run he made a berry smoothie for us to share- any excuse for me to use the pretty straws!

2015-03-29 19.55.22

On Sunday evening I decided to make some banana bread for work, using the excellent CCC recipe. I was very pleased to see that the new loaf pan was a perfect fit for the loaf liners.

2015-03-29 21.08.43

It’s also dishwasher safe which I like, especially as I added in some butterscotch chips and some of them had burnt to the tin!

I have not used the bundt tin yet, but this recipe popped up on the CCC facebook page last night, so I might well be tempted. Although I think I would use mini eggs as I am not a creme egg fan.

Any good bundt cake recipes for me to try?

*I was sent the baking items for my blog, but all opinions are my own.

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10 thoughts on “New baking supplies”

  1. I’ve always fancied making a bundt cake or an angel food cake because they always look so pretty when they come out of their tins. You can’t beat a pretty decorative straw for your smoothies either, I love the vintage feel they have.

    1. Yeah me too style over substance gets me a lot of the time with food!
      I love how the bundt cakes look when sliced.

  2. I never baked as much as you did but baking has taken a bit of a back seat for me over the past few months as well. I did get in a bit at the weekend though, along with trialing some new evening meals. I’m now also tempted to try the recipe you linked to though!
    I don’t really like bananas on their own, but do enjoy anything with bananas in, such as banana bread oddly.

    1. I love banana bread, or unripe bananas, but not banana flavoured things or ones with brown bits- I am fussy about them!
      That recipe is still tempting me for a holiday project!

  3. Ooooh the butterscotch chips sound delicious to add to banana bread. If I can get myself together I’m going to bake on Friday so I have cakes to take with me to parkrun…depending how they go that is!!
    Love the straws as well. Makes even boring drinks so much more exciting (not that your smoothies are boring of course, but things like water or squash!)

    1. Yes you have to make cakes for your 50th parkrun!
      The butterscotch chips are very tasty but full of awful things- best not to read the packet!

  4. So pleased that you liked the recipe for the Banana Loaf from the CCC Cook Book. As an alternative to Creme Eggs for the Bundt cake recipe, you can use Hollow Chocolate eggs, which I have used in a new recipe that I made today. 25 Hollow eggs from M&S for around £2.50. They happen to be the same size as Creme Eggs. Less calories and less sweet, but lovely chocolate.

    1. Thanks for that tip! I was thinking of using mini eggs but I think I would need an awful lot, so maybe I will pop to M&S.

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