Marathon prep and running extras

A few weeks ago I was asked to contribute to this infographic about preparing for a marathon. It was perfect timing as I had just run Brighton, so could think about what I would say to others about to do the same thing.

Marathon final-01-01I can’t seem to make it any bigger (technical IT things are not my forte) but the original is here, if you fancy a look.

I have also been sent a few running bits recently (in exchange for a mention on my blog) so here they are:

2015-04-20 19.04.36I was kindly sent this insect shield Buff, which contains insect repellent. I love the green colour of it.

2015-05-09 15.07.29

I have tried it (we have had a few windy days recently!) but I think I am more likely to use it in the winter. Even though it is “coolmax” fabric, I still found it was a bit warm to wear at this time of year. I do like that it can be worn in different ways, although I can only really wear it around my neck, or take it off and wrap it around my arm (but at least that means no carrying if I change my mind about wearing it).

2015-05-09 11.22.14I was also sent some Flexitol “Heel Magic”– as everyone knows, runners feet get a bit neglected at times. I do use footcream when I remember, but often I am in a hurry or just forget. This is great, because it is a roll on cream, so I never get it on my hands. (I have some lovely peppermint cream but it makes my hands smell strong, even after I have washed my hands). I am using it more regularly than I would a normal foot cream, which of course helps, but it does leave my feet feeling nice and soft too, but not too greasy.

2015-05-09 10.44.19

Finally, I was sent some coconut oil from Monkey Nutrition.

Of course, after going to parkrun this morning I decided to put it to use with some pancakes. I feel like I have not had pancakes in ages!

2015-05-09 10.49.49

One egg, buckwheat flour, coconut milk, plus blueberries cooked with a little coconut sugar. The coconut oil goes in the pan first, before I cook the pancake.

2015-05-09 10.58.20

I had this with a little almond yoghurt, mango, and vegan salted caramel sauce (the first time I tried this- from the same place as the vegan butterscotch sauce and it is just as delicious). Such a good breakfast.

What advice would you give to someone doing their first race? Which race do you think is really beginner friendly? 

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10 thoughts on “Marathon prep and running extras”

  1. Some great tips there on the Infographic- definitely a good idea to remember face wipes to refresh afterwards. The pancakes look lovely!

    1. Buckwheat flour makes lovely pancakes- I used to buy a mix, but now Rude Health do their flours so it is easy to get hold of.

  2. I like the sound of salted caramel sauce! Yum!
    If it is someone’s first race then I would always say to go out and enjoy it. Running is meant to be a hobby – we do this for fun! Make sure to keep drinking little and often as well. Several runners at our club who recently ran their first marathons have been sick when crossing the finish line as they drank too much on the way round and it overloaded their stomachs.

    1. It really is amazing stuff.
      I have seen that before at races, and never understand why people drink so much.

  3. They’re really good tips – especially the “run the mile you’re in”. If you start the race going “one down, 25 to go” you’ll just freak yourself out. I like my stone/river advice (though it’s a hard one to make snappy! Haha)
    I was sent that buff to review as well and they also sent one for Alfie as they do dog ones and I agree it’s probably better for winter but it’s fabulous for Alfie when it rains (which let’s be honest can be any time of year lol).

    1. Dog buffs! They do everything for pets now!
      I was trying to remember your pebble one when I was actually running- that kept me occupied for several miles I think!
      Yes, this time I tried to not think about the numbers at all, because you can’t really say “only 8 miles to go”- just being in the moment really helps I think.

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