Trying not to melt

OK, so I know some people live in much hotter places than the UK, but seriously, Wednesday was pretty tough- 35C + temperatures are not my friend!

I had already swapped my runs over, so I ran on Monday and Tuesday, instead of Tuesday and Wednesday, but they were still warm days. Then I had to spend Wednesday evening baking for a bake sale at work (couldn’t do it on Thursday as had my re-scheduled haircut)- after a day at work in that heat, spending the evening in our tiny kitchen, which has no windows, was not enjoyable. Anyway, at least it is a bit better now- today seems lovely summer weather.

2015-07-04 11.04.33

After boiling at parkrun last weekend I decided to volunteer instead- plus this weekend and next I have races on the Sundays so decided that one hot weekend run would be enough. Today I was a tail runner, and because it was 4th July they had a bit of a US theme (although they only posted it last night so not too many people were dressed up). They had red, white and blue balloons at the finish line, and were handing out jelly beans too. (They had some left over so the marshals got a few bonus packets).

The run was really more of a walk as the two people in front of us walked the whole way, apart from the final 0.1 hill. There were two of us so we had a good chat on the way around, and even walking was pretty warm. I remembered to get a finish token, so that was run number 43 for me. Getting closer to the big 50!

2015-07-04 11.02.41


Earl grey and lime iced tea- I had a voucher for a few free drinks here- otherwise I wouldn’t bother. It was nice, but didn’t even have any ice in it!

Afterwards I was super efficient; going to the shops and having my car washed while I was there, picking up a cold drink, coming home and sorting out all the paperwork for my new car, and sorting out other bits at home. A satisfying start to the weekend.

I am half looking forward to the 10k tomorrow- I am under no illusions that it will be a fast time. I am just hoping to enjoy the experience, look at the scenery and not get too overheated!

I think I may have a cold drink and watch some Wimbledon now- I love a chilled out weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Trying not to melt”

  1. I quite fancy being a tail runner one day. Every time I’ve thought about giving it a go (usually because I have a race the following day), my local parkrun seems to have already sorted one out though.
    Good luck for the 10k tomorrow. I hope the hot weather isn’t too unbearable. We’re having a pretty chilled out day today too; parkrun this morning, fridge/freezer hunting this afternoon and now Dan’s watching Wimbledon whilst I’m catching up on a few blogs! Perfect lazy Saturday!

    1. Sounds fab 🙂
      The local parkruns have only recently introduced tail runners but I think they are a great idea.

  2. Everyone in the rest of the world says we are totally overreacting about the heat, because it is not that hot. Well, it is hot for us, which is why we are not coping very well. I am having a lot of iced coffee and iced tea to try and stay cool. Oh, and ice cream of course!

  3. We always have the same guy tail running for us. He’s a lovely chap and helps so many people with running other races too – especially marathons.
    I love a chance to dress up or have a theme with running! Such fun 🙂
    But yes the heat and sun has been such hard work recently, making running 10x harder!

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