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So, even without the race I was taking my running things with me. Last time we came to Hawaii I was training for the GNR, so did a few runs. I don’t normally run on holiday, because we tend to be up and our pretty early, with long busy days and a lot of travelling. But this time we would be in the same place for a while; Honolulu for five days, Kauai for five and Maui for a week.

Due to jet lag I was wide awake at 5 am for our first day in Honolulu, so I went out for a run as the sun was coming up.

IMG_20150804_060315560_HDRJust beautiful.


That was the Tuesday, and after that we did a lot of walking and hiking ( well over 20,000 steps on the Friday), and my race on Saturday.

Then we flew to Kauai. We had a little condo, but we could not walk to the town from where we were. We did lots of walking and sightseeing, about five miles from us was an eight mile path by the coast for walking and cycling which would have been perfect if it was closer. I did scope out a potential route, but on the Wednesday that I had planned to run, I slept badly and didn’t feel too well, so gave it a miss.

On Thursday we flew to Maui, and again having been here before helped, as I knew there was a long boardwalk by the ocean. Friday morning I was awake early, so headed out. I found the path to the boardwalk half a mile from our condo ( if in doubt, follow all the other runners), and enjoyed a 4 mile run.

IMG_20150814_082050794_HDRI stopped to get Andy a coffee and an iced chai for me, so took the pphotoa bit later. I can’t upload my Garmin bits here so I hope it has all stored properly.


Gorgeous views!! I was somewhat desperate for water by the end, so took water with me on my next runs. I saw a hotel ice machine and contemplated getting some just to hold.

My next run was shorter- I had entered a virtual run ( virtual runner uk- check out the fab medals)- someone in my running club was supporting the September charity, and when I signed up for that I saw the summer 5k and signed up for that too.


It was more overcast which helped, although I forgot to put on suncream.


Again, I picked up drinks after and enjoyed them on our balcony. I packed a tube of nuun with me, and bought some coconut water too.


My final run was on the Tuesday, I had set my alarm for 6 to see the sunrise, but was awake before.


I kept stopping to take pictures, and to drink water. It was amazing.


I even attempted a beach selfie – so much sweat!


When I finished I stood on the beach and stretched for a good half hour, I was just dropping and could not face going inside!

I got Andy to take my picture on the balcony after I had cooled. Love my new running top!

IMG_20150818_082555637_HDRSo, five enjoyable runs, including one race and one virtual race. Because I run faster than I walk, I get to see more scenery in the same amount of time = awesome.


Certainly more scenic than Hertfordshire!

I am hoping for one more run, the San Francisco Crissy field parkrun, but the logistics of getting there are a bit tricky. I am not keen on taxis and think I might end up getting an uber…. Depends how much I want to be a parkrun tourist.

We shall see…





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12 thoughts on “Hawaii running”

  1. I’m very jealous! I have only been on one holiday since becoming a runner – our honeymoon last year and I had already agreed not to run on that. I took a school trip out to Malawi during the first year I started running and really enjoyed getting up early and heading out for a few miles each morning before starting the day. I wasn’t as addicted as I am now though! I’d love to tot up some miles in some other countries. The scenery where you are is so beautiful. I hope you manage to make it to the parkrun. How great would it be to have some foreign parkruns in your stats?!

    1. I am sure going back there were other holidays that would have been good for running. Africa sounds a bit scary- lookout for lions on your runs!

    1. Although I think every day there are loads of people out with jet lag as new people arrive every day!

  2. Ahhhh so so beautiful! What a fantastic place to run! And your pineapple top is so cool. I love getting up early on holiday and going for a run before other people are awake. It’s such a peaceful and quiet time of the day and you can see so much more that way. And find places off the beaten tourist trail.
    Finger’s crossed you get to do the parkrun – that sounds amazing!

    1. I had a big dilemma over which colour top to get!
      Yes, it has been lovely to spot good walking routes for later on.

  3. You probably know Im not a runner, but I cant imagine a better place TO run than in Hawaii, absolutely beautiful – Im definitely jealous!

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