Why Brighton is an awesome place for running

Before heading down to Brighton last weekend, I was thinking about all the races I have completed there during the year. I realised that I had managed pb’s in all my Brighton races during the year so far- although with the wind I had put that thought out of my mind for the 10k.

So here is a little recap of my Brighton races, and why I love running there so much!

February 2015– I did the half marathon as part of training for the marathon. I didn’t want to push too hard because I needed to be recovered right away for the next week of training, so I was rather surprised to get a pb- 2:04.10! The route is great and because I know it, having run it before, it helps me to pace myself a bit better. Yes, there is a little hill near the start, but you get to run back down it, and then it is flat.

25 miles in and still holding the pace band piece of paper!

In April 2015 I did the Brighton marathon. I really wanted to get under 5 hours, as for my first marathon in Stockholm I had been aiming for that but things had not gone my way. I managed Brighton in 4:53.24, which was nearly half an hour faster than my first marathon time. It was brilliant- so much crowd support, lovely sea views, the sun was shining (which did make it tough at times, and I did get sunburn on my legs as I forgot to put suncream there), my parents came down to watch. It was brilliant!

In October 2015 at the last minute (well a week before) I signed up to the inaugural Bright10, a new 10 mile race along the seafront. I had a bit of a cold, but the mainly flat course helped me along to a 10 mile pb of 1:33.51!

I do love a good medal!

Then finally in November we both did the Brighton Brooks 10K- another pb for me, despite the wind- 54:53! I realised when looking at my race calendar that it was my 50th race! When I think about that, it seems crazy to me, because as a child or teenager I didn’t run, and didn’t really think I could. It was only in my late 20’s that I decided to train for a Race for Life, and now I just could not imagine life without running.

See how much the wind was blowing the medal ribbon!

So why is Brighton such a good place to run?

  • There is always such good crowd support, even on horrible windy and cold days there will be people out with signs, or instruments, cheering everyone on.
  • The seafront is a lovely flat place to run- very good pb potential.
  • The seafront is a scenic place to run.
  • There are other landmarks like the Royal Pavilion.
  • The marshals are always fab- I think the Bosh running group should take a lot of credit for this, but there are so many marshals in all of the races and they are always very supportive.
  • It seems a place that encourages people to be active with cycle paths along the seafront, lots of running groups, loads of cycle parking at the station.
  • There are loads of awesome cafes and restaurants to pre-race fuelling and post race treats.
  • Of course, I am in vegetarian heaven with so much choice while I am there.
  • There are several parkruns in the Brighton area so if you are visiting for the weekend you can still get your parkrun fix- the Hove Promenade one was easily walk-able from Brighton town centre (1.4 miles from Brighton station so a nice warm up walk or jog).
  • Finally, the train station is nice and central, so you can get the train back, listen to a podcast and have a snooze on your journey home. Fab.

This is the view in February! Awesome!

So thanks for the pb’s, the medals and the memories Brighton, I shall be back next year!

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14 thoughts on “Why Brighton is an awesome place for running”

  1. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Brighton looks like a brilliant place to run. The sheer amount and range of races alone is impressive.

    I do love a good medal, and we have similar running backgrounds by the sound of it. I’m not sure how many races I’ve done…I’ll have to tally them up!

    Congrats on a brilliant year of racing so far and for smashing so many PBs 🙂

  2. Wow yes Brighton has been very good for you! How lovely to have such positive experiences in a place you enjoy visiting 🙂
    I can’t believe the marathon was this year… seems like such a long time ago!
    Do you think you’ll do a lot of those races again next year?

    1. Well I have already signed up to the half and the 10 mile (there was a £10 discount early bird and it was super cheap anyway), and we both like the 10k so I am sure if it fits with the football calendar we will be back next year.

  3. I have never been to Brighton, but I must say, there looks to be plenty of great races round that way which might persuade me to make my way over at some point!
    I can’t get over how the wind has picked up the ribbon of your medal in that photo!
    Well done on such a fabulous year of running Maria! 🙂

  4. I’ve never run a race before in Brighton, but I confess your post has made me much more keen to! Do you ever have issues with parking when you come down, or do you take the train generally?

    1. I normally get the train down, as it’s a bit of a drive and also the parking is very expensive (although with some hotels you get it a bit cheaper). You can park for free in some streets nearer to the Preston park area but it’s not so central.

    1. Ha ha thanks, pre-race painting my nails is a bit of a ritual- I try to match it to the medal or ribbon but I don’t always know the colour scheme!

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