Reindeer running! And Garmin fails!

Last weekend was another lovely weekend of running. We had a work night out on Friday night, including a trip to The Pudding Stop, so a parkrun was just what I fancied the next morning. I was doing the new runners briefing but it was so windy I had to shout and I am not sure everyone could hear me!

When getting my chip scanned I realised I hadn’t stopped my watch, but although I pressed it, I didn’t press it hard enough, as I walked back to the car, started driving home and it then beeped to tell me 4 miles. So although Strava tells me I did my fastest 500m, I think that was probably when I was in my car!

2015-12-05 10.02.03

My Virtual runner 5k (week 1) medal was waiting for me when I got home!

2015-12-05 14.11.33

After a shower I had to pop into town, so gave my Kermit hat an outing! I was complimented by three different people while I was out! I love it!

2015-12-05 14.17.33

While I was out I was tempted by some festive food items- Wensleydale with cranberries, and some gorgeous medjool dates.

2015-12-05 18.02.24

I then did a spot of baking as for the first time in ages we were going to Andy’s parents for Sunday dinner. This was an oaty biscuity base, topped with a mixture of mincemeat, homegrown apples and cranberries, and then topped with a marzipan lattice. It was so good even if I do say so myself!

2015-12-06 08.22.35

On the Sunday I went out on my own fairly early. I ended up doing 2 laps of a lovely route- the first half along roads (boring) and the second half across fields. It was gorgeous, so I stopped for some photos.

2015-12-06 08.22.52

I was impressed that my nails matched my top and trainers!

After a shower and some crumpets, I was off out as I was doing a Reindeer run (1.5k) with a friend’s husband and 3 year old. It turned into more of a Reindeer-carry, and it drizzled at the end, but it was good to do, and we got to keep the flashing nose and antlers. Plus who doesn’t want a Rudolph medal?

2015-12-06 16.08.49

I took my Garmin with me as we were curious about the distance (the map didn’t seem like it would be that far) but for some reason even though I stopped it after my morning run, and re-started it later, it seemed to think I ran from home to the next town. You can see my morning run and then the Reindeer run!


Then we went out for brunch and instead of pancakes (well, it was really lunch as I had breakfast after the first run) I had a Bill’s bread basket which had mini croissants and toasted sourdough. Then we had a wander around the Christmas market before heading around to Andy’s family.

I tried to split the run up, but with Strava I can delete either the beginning or the end or the run, but I can’t delete a middle part of it, so if anyone technical knows, then I would appreciate the help! It’s messing up my yearly mileage!

Are you doing any festive runs? I found out about a 5 mile run near me this Sunday so I have signed up (it’s only £5 too), although we are off to Bath and get back late Saturday night so I hope I still fancy it then! Plus I have the rest of my Virtual Run 5k series to go.

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6 thoughts on “Reindeer running! And Garmin fails!”

  1. Oh, I’ve had the same problem once where I left my Garmin on between a warm-up and a race! I would love to know how to delete the middle part too, because I can’t even look at the data from that run. The horrible straight line just gets to me too much and it reminds me of someone scribbling on one’s schoolwork. I know, I’m weird.

    I love those photos of you – you have *such* thick and lovely hair, and beautiful skin. My hair and skin could learn a lot from yours!

    I just have the VR 10K left to do next week…so nervous. I can’t really do festive runs as I’m not keen on dressing up and Xmas things in general. Not sure what I’m going to do with myself in terms of in-person races until the last week in March, and even that one’s up in the air at this stage.

    1. The thing is, I pressed stop, and it went into powersave mode… Yes the red line is very annoying! I feel like it should realise that I didn’t run all that way.
      Good luck with your run! Next Saturday I am hoping to do a parkrun so that will be my week 3 5K- no roads to cross! You will be fine with your 10k- you were so speedy with your 5k time! 🙂

  2. Your family and friends are so lucky to have you with all your incredible bakes! The lattice thing (sorry I don’t know what it’s called) looks phenomenal – marzipan mmmmmmm!
    And the photo of the tree looks beautiful. What a lovely place to run!
    The only festive run I’m doing is the Christmas parkrun. I’m going to take Alfie with me as a friend’s daughter is going to hold him while I run (I couldn’t bare to tie him to a tree or bench as he’d just be so forlorn and confused and it wouldn’t be fair to make him run 5k without any build up). He’s going to have a little Christmas outfit on and I’m got some festive gear as well. I’m quite excited! 🙂

  3. Oh how frustrating about your Garmin. Can you open through your computer and make a copy of the run data, then delete the beginning of one and end of the other?
    That’s such a lovely photo out on your morning run.

    1. Um, I like your suggestion. I will have a look on the computer and see… (not a very technical person here!)

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