Long run recovering

Last weekend was a good one, with parkrun and a long run (two of my favourite weekend activities). My dad picked me up for parkrun and we had a good catch up. He had been to a London one (I forget which one) last Saturday and he had enjoyed being a parkrun tourist (he has done a few before) so we were talking about maybe once a month or so visiting a different one closer to home.

He ran on ahead, and I was pleased with my time as the conditions were fairly tough, as it was quite muddy, especially in the final km which made it harder. Anyway, I looked at my token number (118)- I don’t always. I scanned it (it beeped), and then saw a few people I knew so had a little chat before we headed home. My parents had invited us over for brunch, so after a shower we headed over for pancakes (I do love my mum’s pancakes). Later my dad got his laptop out and looked at the results- my number was down as “unknown”. I emailed the people later, asking them nicely to add me to the results (and offering to send in my Strava if they needed proof- although later I was tagged by one of the run directors in a photo)- they replied really quickly and said they had updated them. But even when I checked today, I’m not on there. It was meant to be number 61, and I do understand the whole no-barcode-no-time, but I did have my barcode, and I did scan it. Anyway, I sent them another email today, saying sorry to be a pain but…, and also offering to be a marshal in a few weeks. I am hoping that one of them sees it and adds me. Otherwise did it really happen? I don’t want to be a pain as I know they are all volunteers, but at the same time I really like my page to have all my runs on there…Edited to add- they added me on Saturday morning- I got the email and everything. Thanks lovely RD team!

On Sunday I wanted to do around 11 miles, but everyone else in the club was doing shorter ones, so I decided to run to and from the meeting place, as that would add on around 3 miles. We did a new route which was fairly nice (and flatter than our usual 8 mile loop). With running there and back I managed 11.7 miles, and although I felt very thirsty when I got back (it was so mild) I felt pretty good. It has helped me to decide what to pack for Sunday too- I wore my vest and I was fine so I know I will be fine in a vest once I get going this weekend too (Brighton half).

My new favourite post-run food- slices of oranges. Which is lucky as the weekly Abel and Cole fruit box contains a huge bag! They are so refreshing. After a shower, tea and muesli I put on my festive lounge pants (which are different to pyjamas!) and my heat holder socks and ended up falling asleep listening to podcasts.

(My normal checked ones were in the wash!). ย I did a lot of foam rolling too

On Monday I was fine in the morning but by the afternoon one leg (sort of up to my lower back) was really sore- we had a walk in the evening and I did some more foam rolling to try and help it. Not sure what caused it- we do normally have a walk on Sunday after a long run but we didn’t have time so I suppose I sat down a lot more than I would usually. I put some of the herbal deep heat on before I went to sleep and that seemed to help a lot.

I was a bit worried and thought I might have to give my Tuesday evening run a miss, but by the morning I was fine so I went along for a nice 5 mile catch up run.

On Wednesday I got home planningย a run, but I was shattered (work was just so busy and I had been doing work until 10pm on Tuesday after my run) and we needed to walk up to the shops, so I opted for the walk instead. I went to Pump on Thursday and was careful to not go too heavy on the squats or back, but again my leg felt fine so fingers crossed. Those lunges are never easy though!

Now I need to go and pack for our weekend in Brighton- wish me luck for Sunday!

Slices oranges yes or no?

Anyone else still wearing festive gear? I did buy a woolly reindeer hat last week (for ยฃ2.40!) but I feel that is a bit too much!

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14 thoughts on “Long run recovering”

  1. I love orange segments during long runs. They’re really juicy and satisfying, especially in the Summer!
    Not long after I decided to try and push for my 50 parkruns my barcode wouldn’t scan at Sheringham parkrun. Eventually after 6-7 attempts, it did scan, but then I ended up not included in the results. I was absolutely gutted and emailed to let them know, along with my Garmin Connect ‘evidence’! The RD was really lovely though and added me in to the results anyway luckily. I think most RDs are aware how much the result listing means to us addicted parkrunners!

    1. I think they meant to the first time, as he did reply to say it had been done. It’s sorted now! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I did think about taking a bag of segments with me on a long run as I think I would really like them- just a pain to carry!

  2. I hope Brighton went ok!

    Sliced oranges – yes
    Festive clothes – no, not even at Christmas but I’m too tight to buy clothes that I’m restricted about wearing.

  3. I would definitely be annoyed about the parkrun thing. Otherwise that’s a whole week you’ve lost – which I know, in the great scheme of things is incidental, but when you’re trying to get the milestones! I love parkrun and I’ll never criticise them and it would take something HUGE for me to ever dislike them, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be that hard to amend the results? That’s happened a few times at our parkrun. Fingers crossed it’ll get sorted.
    There were sliced oranges at the Paris marathon. I didn’t partake any (having never had it mid-race before) but loads of people loved them. Though they did cause a slippy road surface for the later runners with all the peel on the floor.

    1. Oh yes I can imagine that orange peel all over the floor would be very sticky indeed! Brighton full had watermelon and orange slices and I have never wanted something more- but as I had not tried them in training I left it. I might try them at some point I think.
      Well, thankfully they added me – I am sure it was a little mix up as he replied last week to say they had been amended- that’s why I left it a while in case they took a while to update. It’s all done now.

  4. How did you get on in Brighton? Did parkrun manage to add your time in the end? Cute pjyamas, I’d totally still wear festive stuff in the house- no one will see!

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