Use My Tips to Create Your Own Amazing ‘At Home’ Workout*

*By Matt Dean




As someone who is a bit of a fitness freak, I understand the convenience and appeal of being able to exercise from home. So, it’s about time you took a leaf out of my book and came up with your own ‘at home’ workout regime. Use the guide I’ve come up with below to create your own amazing home workout.

Gym Space

When it comes to working out at home the first thing to sort out is a gym space. If you have a spare room that’s just gathering dust, this would be ideal. You can use the room to set up your home gym and then you’ll have a dedicated exercise domain. However, if there is no space in the home you might consider converting part of the garage. Finding the optimum space for your home workout is essential, so spend some time on this.


In order to get a full and proper workout at home you’re going to need to have the right equipment. Now, depending on where your gym space is you might be limited to what you can use. Now, I think you need to make sure you have the basics plus a bit more. So, something like a cross trainer and some weights would make the ideal starting point. I’d also recommend a pull up station and an exercise ball. You want to make sure you have enough of a range that you can have a proper workout session.



Do Some Everyday

One thing I do think you need to get into the habit of doing is working out every day. This is something that I have had to condition myself to do. It takes discipline and dedication, but it is essential. If you want to enjoy the benefits of it, then you need to make sure you do some as much as possible. The good thing about having a home gym is that it allows you to do this with ease! So, I don’t want to hear excuses from you! Make sure you set aside a bit of time every day to do a bit of exercise, even if it’s just half an hour.

Reward Yourself

I think it’s important to reward yourself, and recognise when you have achieved something. And that’s why my suggestion for part of your home workout regime is to ensure you reward yourself. You need to have an incentive for all your sweat and tears, and that’s why rewards work very well. Try to keep the reward healthy if possible, but I know this will be difficult! Just make sure that after an extra long workout session you do something that will help to make you feel good, and feel that it was all worthwhile.

I love to workout, and being able to do so at home is much more efficient and appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I like the gym, and I go a lot. But, some days I don’t feel up to it, or I don’t have the time. But, with a home gym I can still get in the workout I need anytime, and now you can as well. Use my tips to come up with your own ‘at home’ workout right now!

First Lt. Jennifer Silvers, the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 material control officer, bench presses at the Air Station Fitness Center, Aug. 8. Silvers works out mostly at home, waking up every morning to weightlift for 45 minutes to an hour. When she's training for a competition she completes two workouts a day.

Do you like to work out at home? Personally I always get distracted by other things that need doing, so I much prefer to be away from home. Plus I do love fresh air.

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6 thoughts on “Use My Tips to Create Your Own Amazing ‘At Home’ Workout*”

  1. I also prefer being out in the fresh air, but I know that I need to fit in more strength work this year. I recently bought a set of barbells which Dan has also been picking up on occasion. Our long term plan is to break through into the garage from our lounge and create a bit of a workout/leisure room in there.
    I find it a faff going to the gym (20mins away). Not only does it take 40 minutes out of the day before even beginning to work out, but it is expensive, and I find it boring at times. At home I like to put music or catchup TV on in the background and get on with a routine.

    1. That’s a good idea to have a separate space for it. I do foam roll in front of the TV, that’s about it!

  2. I would really struggle to workout at home. My gym is about 8 minutes away and costs £19 a month. Seen as how I go four times a week that’s pretty good value for money. Plus the stuff I use in the gym I wouldn’t be able to have in my flat – squat racks, barbells, cable machines… so to me, it is well worth it. But I can appreciate that there is definitely a lot you can do at home if you can’t get to the gym (or don’t want to go). Body weight exercises, resistance bands, dumbbells… it’s all possible. I just wouldn’t be as motivated without the gym environment.

    1. Wow that is very cheap per month too! I spend more on that on weekly class (per month). Having all the equipment is so good too, especially if you don’t have the space (or don’t want it all around you at home).

  3. I’m right there with you. I love working out at home. While I don’t have any fancy equipment, I mostly engage in body weight stuff. I have a pull-up bar, two kettlebells, an Indian club and a belt chain for adding weight to my pullups. I’m currently working on muscle ups and more explosive squats and pushups. The only thing that I wish I were during more is sprints. I live pretty close to a park, so that shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate. However, I restrict my workouts to about four days a week, but I am eventually looking to exercise every day.

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