How to Make Your Diet Organic!*

I have a guest post for you today written by Matthew Biggin, all about trying to incorporate more organic foods into your diet. As the weather is warming up now, we tend to eat more salads and fruit so it seems like a good time to consider this.

When trying to lose weight you have to realise how important your diet is. This can play a huge role in helping you become a fitter and healthier you. So, you have to think about how to enjoy the best possible diet you can. A great first step would be to look at these ideas and work towards making your diet organic.


Identify What is Organic

Step one in the process of switching to an organic diet is identifying what is organic. Now, the good thing is that this is much easier to do these days. The reason for that is that it’s become more popular these days. So organic foods are more mainstream, and there is much more information about them. Identify what organic products are and then start integrating them into your diet as much as possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend a Bit More

Okay, so organic food is going to cost you a little more than buying non-organic. But, surely it’s worth paying that bit extra for healthier and better quality food. You’ve got to understand that often in this world you get what you pay for. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend that bit more to make your diet an organic diet. It’s important for helping you become fitter and healthier.

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Grow Your Own

If you don’t want to spend those extra pennies buying organic produce, you could always grow your own. There are so many advantages to doing this, and you can expand. Come up with your own miniature allotment in the garden, and use this to start growing things like organic asparagus and tomatoes. It’s a brilliant way to enjoy the freshest produce at a much lower cost than having to buy it.

Plan Your Meals

A great idea is to try to plan your meals out well in advance. The problem a lot of people have is that they get home from work, and they are knackered, so they just pop a pizza in the oven. It’s difficult to get the impetus to make something healthy when you’re home late and stressed. So, the best way to combat this is to make sure you plan out all your meals beforehand. That way you know what you’re having on any particular day, and you can prepare.

Perfect Organic Recipes

Another thing you need to do is to work on perfecting organic recipes. The good thing is that you can just adapt existing recipes and replace them with organic foods. So, you can go for a favourite like roasted veggie calzone, and make sure you make all the ingredients organic. You might want to try out the recipes with organic food to make sure it doesn’t affect the preparation or cooking. There are also plenty of other organic recipes you could get hold of and try.

Organic foods are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. They are a delicious and healthy way of having a balanced diet. The good thing is that organic foods are much more available to all of us these days. And you can easily switch your diet to an organic one by following the ideas on here.

What do you think about eating organic? I know that it is good for things that you eat the skin of, like apples, and at the moment I am getting an organic fruit box each week. But often the cost is much higher so that does tend to put me off. We used to have an allotment and I did love growing our own veggies, and I have a few fruit bushes in our garden. Last year I think I got around 1kg of blackcurrants which isn’t bad, as well as a fridge full of apples. Hopefully when we have a slightly bigger garden we will get back to growing a few more veggies too. I need to investigate whether we can grow sweet potatoes over here!  Which fruit or veg would you grow in your garden?

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Diet Organic!*”

  1. I’ve always grown my own veggies since moving out of my parents’ house. My parents have a large patch of their garden dedicated to all things fruit and veg and I love during the Summer/Autumn months when I can head outside at theirs and make something for tea based around what is currently growing well. We were left with a large greenhouse when we moved into our new house last year and I hope to have tomato plants, peppers, strawberries, onions, potatoes and lettuces again this year. Frustratingly Dan doesn’t like many veg at all, but if I can pick as and when I want to use them it saves on wastage, unlike having to buy large packs from the supermarket.

    1. Your own greenhouse is so exciting! My parents have one and I love the smell – it smells mainly of tomato plants which I think is such a summery smell, but they grow their own chillies and things too. I agree, it saves on wastage so long as the insects don’t eat it all first!

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