Things That Happen Straight After A Race – That Only Runners Will Understand*

I have a contributed post for you today by Ellie Jo:

Are you obsessed with running? Then you’ll recognise these familiar situations; that occur once you have crossed the finish line.

Check your time

The first thing that you are want to going to do is to check that all important time. Did you make your personal best (pb) or were you just off?  If course there are quite a few things that can have an effect on this. How your feeling on the day always makes a difference. The weather does too, as it can be pretty hard to run if it’s scorching sunshine or if it’s lashing down with rain.

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Injuries can be a stumbling block on achieving that all important pb too. Just remember it’s better to run the race and complete it, that strive for a pb and put you at risk of aggravating a recent injury.

You are elated and exhausted at the same time

One of the things about stepping over that black and white checkered line is that you have two opposite emotions all at once. First, you are exhausted after your run, but your body does funny things when you exercise hard. It floods your system with endorphins, so though you are tired you also feel great!

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You realise how sweaty you are

The next thing that is familiar to most runners that they realise just how sweaty they have become during their run. It’s not the best feeling, and you probably want to go and have a shower as on as possible.

If you have to wait for others completing the race or want to get some food before you shower, why not take a pack of deodorising wipes to freshen up with. You might not look your best, but as least you will smell nice and not put the other diners off their food.

You get your goodies

From one of the worst things to happen after a race to one of the best. It’s goodie time! As medals are easy to get now through companies like Trophies Plus Medals, most races provide one at the end of the run. The best ones also provide a t-shirt and goodie bag too. Which often contains energy tablets, drink, and other rubber related products. This is always a nice little treat to look forward to. It is guaranteed to perk you up after a gruelling run.

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You realise how chaffed you are

It’s one of the least fun things that runner will identify with after a race. That’s right it’s assessing how much damage has been done to your poor skin, by the action of your clothes rubbing on them as you go round the track.

The chaffing struggle is real people, we might as well talk about it! If you suffer from this problem, make sure you have some soothing cream like E45 on hand to treat any affected areas. You can minimise chafing by using talc or vaseline on your problem areas before the start of the race, to ensure that there is less friction when you move.

What do you think or do straight after a race? My favourite item to pack in my race bag is a pack of face wipes (I have some for sensitive skin which are slightly rose scented and they are just so refreshing). I do also love a medal, or a technical t-shirt if it is a good size. 

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