What a week

Well, the week started off well as we went to see La La Land after work on Monday, and then went to Bill’s for dinner (mainly because I had won a free pudding in their January competition). The film was good, although it wasn’t the 100% musical that the opening number suggested (but I don’t mind that). Although I was rather confused at the start because I thought (from hearing about it) it was set in the 30’s, and so the opening scene with people dancing around their cars on the freeway confused me a bit- I kept thinking “when is it going to jump back in time?”…

On Tuesday I headed out for a run with the OH ladies- it was very cold and by the end the pavements were getting slippery with frost, so we all slowed down. There was also the most awful smell- like manure being spread, but I have no idea where. I was coughing a bit by the end- probably from the cold air.

On Wednesday I woke up with a very dry throat- it didn’t hurt, but I was losing my voice a bit. Yoga on Wednesday evening was good, but afterwards my eyes were very sore- I thought at first I’d got shower gel in my eye or something like that. When I woke up on Thursday one eye was full of gunk- thanks conjunctivitis.  Thursday was the day that the windscreen was due to be replaced on my car- they had ordered the new glass last week and I could potentially have had the appointment on Monday, but Andy couldn’t be home and I couldn’t sort anything out. My dad had agreed to come over on Thursday morning and wait in for the Autoglass people, as again Andy couldn’t be home. The slot was 8-1, and at about ten to nine I had just popped into my cupboard and heard my phone buzzing-  it was Autoglass calling to say they had to cancel the appointment because the glass was not in the warehouse. Argh! I then had to frantically text Dad so he didn’t waste any more of his morning.

On a Thursday lunchtime we usually have a team meeting, so luckily someone else agreed to run it while I could pop out to the pharmacy to get some eye drops, although when I got there they had run out of eye  drops and so I got the ointment instead (and as someone who hates touching their eyes, putting this in is much more of a challenge than eye drops!). I then had to phone up Autoglass who initially told me it would be in stock next week, which was not good seeing as I had a voicemail from last week saying it was in stock … in the end they somehow managed to find some and said they would come on Friday, and luckily Andy could work from home so it would get sorted. As the day wore on my voice got more and more croaky, and I didn’t feel that great, including having some big coughing fits in the car on the way home, so once home I decided that a walk was a sensible option.

I woke myself up in the night scratching my eye (which was horrible) and on Friday I kept on losing my voice at work (not ideal when you need your class to hear you) but on the upside the windscreen was replaced. We have our running club awards evening tonight, so I shall be going, but I am sure I won’t be staying until the end- going out on a Friday night is hard work!

Right, moan over! I am doing the run report again for parkrun tomorrow, so I need to get my thinking hat on!

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2 thoughts on “What a week”

  1. What a shame you’ve been feeling rough. I’ve heard mixed reviews about LaLa land so wasn’t sure about going to see it. I’m really excited to see Hidden Figures next month though. Hope you’re on the mend and enjoying the weekend!

    1. Hidden Figures looks really good! I’m looking forward to that film too.
      Thanks- the weekend makes everything better!

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