Last year’s Christmas presents and a blustery Saturday

Last year Andy gave me a medal hanger and a very cool map notice board (it’s magnetic, and dry wipe, so perfect for all of my post it note reminders). Because we were looking at selling our house, we didn’t think there was much point putting them up, and even though we moved last May, we have only just got around to putting them up.

I have started to put some medals on there- I am going to put them in colour order so it looked a bit neater.

I still have some sorting out to do, and I think my cakeathon medal will need a hanger all of it’s own!

On Wednesday morning after sitting at a desk for hours, I stood up and my back felt really sore. I decided to go out on a quick walk at lunch time (something I hardly ever do because there is always something that needs doing)- I had to rush to get back to make a phone call, but I wandered around the woods for around 20 minutes and I felt so much better after. I mentioned it to a few people at work so we might try and make it a regular thing- even once a week is better than nothing. It made me look forward to when these woods are full of bluebells too.

Yoga helped a lot with my stiff back, but although I had planned a run on Thursday, it was still feeling a bit sore, and I had a bad headache so I opted for a walk instead. Resting before doing a half on the Sunday seemed like a sensible option too.

On Friday it was a bit of a rush to get home, finish up with work, have dinner and pack before catching the train. I had planned on listening to the film podcast, and I think I lasted about half an hour before falling asleep! When we got to Brighton I realised that this time I had forgotten to pack my phone charger- it is always something (last time was face wipes and dry shampoo, another time a razor, another time safety pins…).

I turned my phone off to save the battery (it normally lasts a couple of days, but I knew I would use it more and wanted it for the way home too)- so I only took a few photos from the hotel window- still very blustery and very big waves on the seafront.

After a walk to Hove and back, we wandered around the shops, and among a few treats (I also got a bit worried when the Montezuma’s shop was closed but then it turned out to have relocated to a bigger shop opposite- phew!) I picked up a USB cable for £3 in Tiger- phew! I am now leaving that in my rucksack so I can’t forget it again!

In the afternoon I had a slight panic about what to wear for the race on Sunday, as I had only packed my vest and it was windier than I had expected.

I even pondered over buying a lightweight jacket, but in the end decided I would be OK. We shared a slice of cake in the afternoon (although we were very sad to see that the cake shop we often go to, Catwalk Cakes, had closed) and we saw the most disgusting thing. We were sat inside but there were tables outside. One lady was sat at a table with two drinks and two pieces of cake in front of her. She was on her phone and didn’t notice that a pigeon kept flying over and trying to get a piece of the cake. People at another table got her attention and she flapped the bird away but not before it had eaten a little bit, so when the guy came to join her she must have told him as he didn’t eat any of the cake. Literally as soon as they stood up (and before the pigeon could get there) a massive seagull swooped down and picked up the entire slice of cake in it’s beak, and flew up to the roof. It then swallowed the piece of cake whole. It was like a cartoon where a snake eats a deer and you can see the outline of the deer in the body, as you could see it’s throat bulging where the cake was. Everyone in the cafe was watching- it was quite funny but also really horrible- it reminded me of when we were in Vancouver and we saw seagulls eating starfish whole and choking on them- as first we were worried about this one seagull, and then we realised they were all doing it because they are greedy birds!

We had a lovely dinner (as always) at Food for Friends (a delicious mango, avocado and halloumi salad), and then it was time to get ready for the race!

Do you display your medals or are they in a drawer? Do you like eating outside? Do you forget things often? I have a packing list, but I was in such a hurry that I didn’t check it!

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2 thoughts on “Last year’s Christmas presents and a blustery Saturday”

  1. I must do something about my medals. They’re in a box, and it’s such a shame given the hard work that goes into getting them!

    I perpetually forget stuff. I now have three sets of headphones lurking round the house. And I think I may have a trip to Tiger to get a spare cable for charging the phone, and that can live in my bag.

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