A lovely run, almond milk yoghurt, yoga with a tree view and warmer weather

After my parkrun on Saturday (and breakfast at my parents’) Andy and I walked the long way into town via a blind showroom (the decorating might start up again soon). We had a John Lewis cake voucher so we shared a slice as I hadn’t actually eaten any of my own parkrun cake- too busy chatting!

When we got back I had some work to do- usually I work in my office but I decided to bring my laptop downstairs so we watched (well I half watched) a 24 and then an episode of 100k house- it was nice to watch a bit of “junk” TV- probably the work took me longer but it was nicer. We’ve been alternating it with Location (when we were house hunting we had to have a Phil and Kirstie hiatus as it was too stressful watching house-hunting shows at the same time).

On Sunday morning I headed off on a run along the old railway line.

Google photos make it look even prettier for me.

The blues skies make me feel very happy indeed. I think I did 8 miles, or maybe 8.5, something like that. Long enough to be OK for the half marathon this Sunday, but not too far to be tired. I felt good during the run, but took it fairly easily with a few photo stops along the way.

I’d seen this almond milk yoghurt on Ocado so I had the peach melba flavour for breakfast with some raspberries and granola. It was very tasty, and not too sweet, but it is expensive so I think it would be an occasional treat. They also do a hibiscus and something flavour which I also bought but didn’t try yet- as it’s an unusual flavour I was intrigued.

After popping in to see Andy’s family, we had tickets at The Odyssey (which is a lovely independent cinema in St Albans- used to be an old Odeon or something, got left to crumble and then finally was taken on a few years ago- they have sofas and armchairs and things)- to see 20th Century Women- a story about three women in California in the late 60’s/ early 70’s- and how their lives were sort of tangled together for a few years of their life. It was interesting, but also a bit melancholy.

We’ve seen some brilliant films recently (Hidden Figures, Lion) and some pretty good ones (Patriot’s Day about the Boston marathon bombing was very well done, and we also watched a documentary about it) and although this was good, it wasn’t one I felt that everyone needs to see. I did feel it was aimed at slightly older people too. Anyway, it’s a lovely treat to go there and relax in a comfy chair with a cup of tea.

On Wednesday when I got to yoga it was still light, and it was amazing to see that the little community room looks out onto a lovely patch of woodland. We ended up turning our mats around so we were facing outside, and at the end they even put on a lovely chain of fairy lights. It was a tough class at times (downward dog press ups anyone?) but the final relaxation is just so rejuvenating and I always feel loads better once I get home- it’s like a little reset button half way through the week. We all quite liked the new aspect to the class and as the evenings will be even lighter for the next class we’ll have the tree view for even longer- bliss.

And talking of lighter evenings and spring in general- the weather this week has suddenly warmed up- it was 20 degrees at 6pm today on my drive home! (Don’t worry, I took this photo in the Tesco car park as I stopped off to return something). I just want to sit in the garden and read- just hoping it isn’t too warm for the half marathon on Sunday.

How has your week been? Which films have you seen lately? We also finally got around to watching The King’s Speech which I really enjoyed- many years too late!  What sort of “junk” TV shows do you like? I do like a documentary-type thing (but an easy one)- the Channel 5 one about Kings Cross has been good, there’s The Secret Life of the Zoo (I have a load of them recorded ready for report writing time!), and there was one about the Mandarin Oriental Hotel that was quite easy watching too.


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