Happy times in the sunshine

I love the Easter holidays. It feels like such a treat. I know that I am very lucky indeed to have a lot of holiday (and I am not going to go on about it, but in term time the hours are pretty much 8-5/5.30 including working most of lunch time, coming home and then doing more work in the evening, plus work at weekends, so it does even out during the year), and for some reason Easter is more chilled out than Christmas. I think over the Christmas break you are trying to fit in visiting family or hosting family, last minute shopping or gift wrapping (or cake decorating), and it seems to fly by. The summer holidays can be busy especially if you are moving to a new classroom, and we generally tend to have a longer holiday in the summer too. Easter is a perfect balance- two weeks off but with no real pressure to do anything. Next week we are off to the north for a week of walking outside and visiting new places, and this week has just been a perfect time to recharge my batteries.

I’ve had the perfect balance of time to myself, a little extra time with Andy (as he works from home some days we have had lunch together on a few days which feels like such a treat) and time to meet up with others. I’ve managed to catch up with a few friends (although some of my teacher friends are not off until next week so that has scuppered our usual meet up plans), and I’ve had plenty of walks- I am meeting my steps target every single day this holiday!

There are some woods fairly close by (half a mile up the road) so I’ve been there a few times to stretch my legs as a walk, or as a bit of a muddy run, listening to podcasts and enjoying being outside.

On principle I refused to do any work on the Monday (I managed three walks that day- one in the morning, one with friends when they visited and one with Andy around to the shops in the evening). He laughs at me for getting antsy but I just can’t sit around and to me a walk is relaxing.

On Tuesday I had a massage (perfect timing following the half marathon)- I was even told my shoulders weren’t too bad! I’ve never been told that before!  I was given a Costa voucher at Christmas in the Secret Santa, so I decided to walk into town and use it- I was going to get a toasted teacake but they had run out, so an almond croissant it was (more tasty anyway).

I’ve managed a few runs this week (the temptation is to run each day if I am not busy, but I know I am not good after 3 runs in a row)- I’ve just been taking them as gentle runs (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings). I was very impressed when I noticed that my nail polish matched my leggings! We must celebrate these matches when they happen! I’ve been trying out some newer trainers too- I do tend to favour Asics trainers but the last ones I bought were the wrong ones (GT1000 instead of GT2000)- they just felt a bit stiff and just not right so they are now my parkrun marshaling and gardening trainers. Sports Shoes had a sale so I got these black and pink ones (the right ones, GT 2000) as they are from the Autumn range, and they feel much more springy although sorting out the laces has taken a bit of fiddling. I wished that I had bought two pairs of the last ones I had, as they are nearing 500 miles and feel a bit more flat now, but by the time I think of it they have always sold out of my size everywhere I look.

I’ve also spent time with family (my sister-in-law and niece, and my parents), been out in the garden digging up yet more brambles, and alongside that managed a lot of work, making a big start on reports (they are not due until May but need to be proof read so it all takes a while). This lovely weather has helped no end. On Thursday I was out all morning, came home to get on with a few hours of work and then we decided to walk the long way into town as we needed to go to the library and get some shopping. The sun shining makes such a difference as it’s just great to be outside.

What do you like to do when you have time to yourself? Do you have any plans for the long weekend? What would your favourite cafe treat be? A Starbucks cinnamon roll takes some beating I think, but it is very closely followed by an almond croissant.

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