Late to the speed camera challenge train

My fave parkrun podcast, With Me Now, signposted me to a new -to-me running podcast, Running is BS, (one of the hosts was interviewed on there) and I have been quite enjoying it. Clearly I love running, but the hosts talk about the things that annoy them (for example, female runners being told to run in groups so they won’t get attacked- victim blaming anyone?).

Anyway, recently they talked about the speed camera challenge, which coincidentally my running club had done on one of their runs (I don’t go because it’s yoga night, but I’d seen the photos on our closed facebook group page). Basically you run past one of those smiley/sad face cameras and try to take a photo as it shows your speed. I did this in the Hitchin 10k last year while I was running as the constant stream of runners meant it was always showing a number (6 or 7 mph) and a smiley face. The week before last, when looking for the other Panshanger entrance, I found one of them on a road near me, so to add some fun to my run I was trying to take a photo of the number as I ran past. Ideally someone else takes the picture I think, as then you are in it too, but still..

On Tuesday I went that way and took a few photos, but when I got home and looked none of them showed anything, not even a smiley! Ah well, when I got back I did a bit more weeding in the garden- it’s so lovely that it is light so late now, as then you can get outside more.

Wednesday was yoga and we had a big focus on breathing, holding poses for longer and doing some de-stressing breathing- I quite liked the 3,4,5 breathing (or maybe 4,5,6, where you inhale for 3, hold for 4, then exhale for 5-nice and calming). Soon we will be able to do some yoga outside which is always wonderful.

On Thursday when I went back to the same place and took photos, I was very excited to see that I got a smiley and a number 7 both captured on film!

The patio was looking a right mess after all our weeding and planting, so to cool down I did a lot of sweeping and putting things away (before-after)- very satisfying.

I won’t try and take photos again, but it does amuse me when I run past it now to see the number. The highest I’ve got is a 7 but it is right before a side road joins, so it isn’t really safe to do a full on sprint.

Have you ever tried the speed camera challenge?

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5 thoughts on “Late to the speed camera challenge train”

    1. You’ll have to keep your eye out- I bet you could get a really high number if you sprint past it!

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