Bowling and crawling to the end (of term) and bingo!

The end of term gets a bit like this! (From Twinkl)!

On Tuesday after work I did just over 3 miles and that was long enough! I had some work to do after so I didn’t want to be out for too long either. I was so warm so I went to sit in the garden with some cold coconut water when I got home- nothing is better at quenching the thirst.

Wednesday was our final yoga of the term. It was a bit drizzly but it stopped raining and we decided to start outside (yay for the Wideye bug spray) and in the end spent the whole session outside. We did some partner work to open up shoulders which always helps so much, and then a really varied session with lots of strength work (side planks outside are even harder!) and plenty of warrior poses (good for the legs).

On Thursday I couldn’t fit in a run after work, so decided to get up super early and run at 5.30am instead. I needed to collect a parcel from an Amazon locker so I went that way to collect it. I didn’t have time to properly dry my hair but it was so warm that it didn’t really matter.

After work we had booked bowling as an end of year team celebration- this apparently is my bowling face!

I may have lost overall, but as I was the only one who didn’t go for the barriers, I at least won the no barrier game!

Afterwards we went to Chiquitos. I’d not been for years but I was impressed with the veggie and vegan options. I had a burrito (I think) and then saved some space for churros after. I chose the churros with banana and toffee, but I didn’t read the menu properly and they came smothered in cream too (not a big cream fan here)- I had to pick through the cream to find the churros and sliced bananas. It was a good fun evening and even though I thought I’d be home early, I don’t think I was home until nearly 10pm!

On Friday we had a staff breakfast and then it was a case of frantically doing everything that needed doing (the classrooms all get cleaned so I won’t be in until the end, so needed to tidy everything away and print out/ pile up anything I’d need at home with me). I was given some lovely gifts from friends/ colleagues and parents at work, and also some cards with such lovely touching words about how their children have enjoyed their time at school this year.

Things like that make you take a step back and realise that all the stress and long working hours are worth it.

We had a John Lewis cake voucher that needed using up, so I met Andy in town and we shared some lemon and (maybe rose? maybe lavender? I can’t remember) cake and peppermint tea.

Then all I was good for was sitting in front of the TV for the rest of the evening!

On Saturday morning I went to Panshanger- I got there a little early and had  short warm up run through the field. At 8.45am the car park was nearly empty (bottom picture) and when I got back 10 minutes later it was more full. I was feeling tired so started near the back and ended up bumping into someone from the running club. We chatted for a bit before she sped off, and I just enjoyed the run. I was a bit annoyed because despite them having “Quiet during the run brief” signs, there were loads of people talking so I didn’t even hear them say “go”. As I came up to the final hill I looked at my watch but as I had no idea how long a run up that hill takes I don’t know to speed up or slow down. I think when I crossed the line my watch said something and 11 seconds, so I wasn’t holding out much hope for bingo (I needed a 17, and I didn’t think I’d left it that long after the start).

Imagine my excitement when the text came through to say my time and it was 31:17!! Whoop whoop! Bingo complete!

Third along- a new badge! Not too bad after 204 parkruns either.

Which running challenges are you aiming for? How many times do you need for bingo? Do you like going bowling? I wouldn’t have chosen it, but it was a fun evening and nice to be doing something and not just sitting (as we would for a meal).


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6 thoughts on “Bowling and crawling to the end (of term) and bingo!”

  1. Amazing! I think I’m still on 3 to go for bingo. But it seems to be taking ages!

    I’ve not been bowling in ages but it’s always good fun.

  2. Ahh nie work! I think I have three more on the bingo front.
    Yeah it is very frustrating, especially at new parkruns, when people just chat really loudly. Just a bit rude.
    I’m not a bowling fan really… I’m terrible but with a big group it can be a laugh.

  3. Congratulations on getting to the end of term! I am terrible at bowling, although I only seem to go about once every two years! I used to love getting those free cake vouchers in JL – their carrot cake is SO good! x

    1. Thanks!
      I too an terrible at bowling and yes, I think probably the last time I went was a good couple of years ago, also as a work outing!
      They used to send a lot more vouchers!

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