Toy Story 4, yoga outside, lavender and recovery

The day after the Ware 10 mile race we had booked tickets to see Toy Story 4 in the evening (and I cannot help singing the song from Muppets Most Wanted – as they sing “while they wait for Tom Hanks to make Toy Story 4“)- I took the lavender shortbread with me as a cinema snack and it was so tasty- I think it’s my favourite lavender items (although the marmalade is also good)- sometimes it’s overpowering and almost soapy, and other times it’s too delicate- I think the shortbread is the perfect balance between the two.

On Tuesday I got home fairly late after a super busy day but needed to clear my head and stretch out my legs so had a 3 mile run. I did a bit more lavender flower arranging after finding some more jars.

On Wednesday I had a walk in the morning as I knew I’d be sat at a computer for a lot of the day and would appreciate getting in some steps.

I do enjoy these early morning walks, even if they are just 20 minutes they give me a bit of a fresh air boost.

That evening when I got to yoga, all the mats were set up outside. I was glad I’d put on my bug spray (it’s natural stuff from Wideye in Brighton and I love it), but Josie put on a lot of candles and incense sticks to ward them off too. It was just wonderful being outside the entire time, with the wind rustling the leaves and seeing the birds fly overhead. My legs were a bit tired after the race on Sunday, and so some of the hamstring stretches were more sore than usual, but overall I left feeling loads better.

On Thursday we went out for lunch and I went for the fruit toast- so tasty. By the time I got home I was so tired and needed to walk around to the shops to get some fudge ingredients, so I decided against a run- I think running when I felt that tired would have been counter productive.

On Friday after work I was meeting some friends for dinner in town, and there wasn’t really time to go home, so I had a wander around the park for a bit, but then felt like I needed a sit down and a cup of tea, so I went into Pret. The barista said something to me about paying, and asked me if I wanted anything else (I’d got a little pack of those delicious almond bites) and then when I put my card on the machine he told me it was free. I think my tired teacher face meant he felt like I was sorely in need of a caffeine and sugar boost!

Then it was time for dinner in Bill’s- I went for scones for dessert (I think I can tell that I am reaching the end of term exhaustion as I just opt for sweet things all the time to help me through!).

Do you prefer a starter or a dessert? I always feel like a starter is the same as a main meal (taste wise) so I’d rather have a dessert, but then often the restaurant desserts are not as good (frozen things) as the starters.

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8 thoughts on “Toy Story 4, yoga outside, lavender and recovery”

  1. I really want to see Toy Story 4! I’m definitely a desert person too as feel like starters are too similar to mains, especially when eating veggie or vegan and having fewer options!

  2. Oh I always prefer a pudding! Starters rarely entice me… usually if there’s chicken wings as a starter I’d be tempted to just order two portions of that instead of a main! (I know I’m ridiculous…).

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