Splendour Festival, cake and pancakes

For the first weekend of the holidays we were off to Nottingham. We checked into our hotel (I love the mirror map on the wall) and then wandered around the town for a bit. There’s a lovely cafe (called Homemade I think) so we shared a toastie and some peanut butter cake for lunch, and then got a delicious iced chai from Bird & Blend (they make the best iced chai ever) before heading to the bus to the Splendour Festival.

We were mostly going to see Ash (in the afternoon) and then Manic Street Preachers as the headliners. It had rained earlier in the day but brightened up when we arrived and was fairly warm. The bands were fab (and there were even real toilets!) so we had a fantastic evening.  Last summer we went to Penn Fest and also saw the Manics- a festival seems to be a good way to kick off the holidays in style!

Bottom right- more from Twinkl!

On Sunday morning we went out for brunch at The Pudding Pantry- they did a make your own pancakes so I chose banana, peanut butter and maple syrup – mmmm it was so good. After a wander around the shops we drove home. We’d bought some cake from the Homemade shop, so had that with a pot of tea in the afternoon (I think it was vegan lemon and raspberry- whatever it was it was delicious). I was impressed with my slicing skills too, as it isn’t easy to split them into half exactly.

Do you like going to festivals?

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