Finally the end of January!

I know January is a long month, but it doesn’t usually feel that long. I cannot work out why it felt so long this year! We didn’t go back to work until the 6th, which seems very late, but still that meant 4 solid weeks until the end.

Monday I stayed late at work and needed to get some bits from Aldi so on the way home I stopped off, meaning that once home I didn’t fancy heading out for a late run.

This hazelnut and chocolate spread from Aldi is amazing- I don’t get Nutella because of their questionable ethics, and most of the replacements just aren’t as good. This stuff is amazing, and apparently once opened you have to eat within 3 months- that won’t be a problem!

Tuesday I was home earlier and it was still not quite dark- progress! I went on a 4 mile run but I was surprised by how cold it was. Even once home and after having a shower and dinner I was still cold so Andy put the fire one, I heated my penguin in the microwave and we had a hot chocolate.

Wednesday was yoga, and we did a lot of strength work- so many variations of downward dog, side planks, press ups and all sorts of warrior poses. Towards the end we did a headstand practise and after helping someone else hold her pose, I was helped, but I just lose confidence as soon as both legs are up. I feel like I am going to wobble, and come down before I actually do wobble. I will keep working on it though!

Thursday I needed to get some cookery ingredients for work, so I changed into my running it at work, parked at Tesco, ran back to the business park, and then headed into Tesco once my run was finished. I was pretty hungry as I went around the shop (it’s a big shop too, and the things I needed were just not easy to find- this is why online shopping is better!) but I was very impressed with my impulse buying- barista oat milk (for the best hot chocolates) and baked beans!

On Friday I rushed to get home as we were heading into London for the night, as Andy had a work thing. He was going out for dinner, and I was going to have a hotel room picnic, so we popped into a Pret by our hotel for me to get some food. I asked the assistant for one of their amazing chocolate almond butter cookies, and I thought she said to me “I will give you half” but she actually said “it’s on the house”. Then (once Andy had clarified) she said “we are closing in 5 minutes, I’ll give you two. Do you want anything else?” I said that it was only me eating, and she said “for breakfast tomorrow”. She was very persuasive, and we ended up with  2 ginger cookies and 2 of the chocolate almond butter ones.   I took them back to the hotel and had a nice hotel picnic alongside some tea (I always take the Bird & Blend samples if we go anywhere). The least said about Friday evening the better, as I was trying to avoid all the depressing political things going on, watching a travel show about Scotland, and then reading my magazine before having an early night.

Do you prefer actual shopping or online shopping?  Anything positive from January? 

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4 thoughts on “Finally the end of January!”

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me that found January so endless this year.

    I also have a penguin that you heat up and the phrase, “I’m going to heat up my penguin in the microwave,” has also been uttered by me so it made me laugh to see you write something similar!

    I don’t really enjoy going to supermarkets as it feels like such as hassle, but I’m wary of online food shopping as I don’t trust anyone else to select the produce, etc that I want so I just have to get on with it.

    1. It is funny the phrases that we can end up saying!
      I think selection on online things has improved loads, plus ocado do a refund thing if you are not happy, eg if you get eggs and one is broken or something like that. Although I do always buy bananas in real life!

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