Some mid week baking! Plus tea

On Monday I had a lecture after work, handily at the Uni, right by the business park where I love to run. So before leaving, I changed into my running kit, thinking I’d go for a run after. Getting there was far quicker than I thought, so I ended up making the most of the daylight and doing a 3 mile run there. I changed my top back in the car so I wasn’t a sweaty mess, and thankfully there were lots of seats and plenty of spaces between them!

I have been loving Red Velvet tea after buying more from Bird&Blend last weekend- it’s black tea with cocoa, beetroot and pomegranate flowers, and turns pink when you add milk.

On Tuesday there was a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful sunset. When I got home I was on about 8,000 steps, so not wanting to lose my streak I headed out on a walk to get the total up for the day.

I had a sore shoulder and I thought the walk would help, but I ended up taking some paracetamol before bed because it just got worse and worse.

On Wednesday at lunch time I went out on a walk and it was such a lovely day- I saw a lot of spring flowers, which is lovely, but also not great with all the climate problems we have going on. As I was home in plenty of time, I decided to do some baking. I’d recently ordered Cook, Eat, Run, and so made the ginger molasses energy bars.

They are sooooo good. They smelled delicious, but I had to wait until after yoga to try one (can’t eat too close to yoga what with all the going upside down). A recipe I will be making lots of times I am sure.

Yoga was great, but I was really struggling with some of the things that I am usually OK with. My shoulder was actually OK, and I knew that the stretching out and gentle movement would help, but with the headstand I could only get my right leg up, not my left (I can usually do alternate legs). Sometimes it just isn’t your day.

Thursday I parked at Tesco and did the standard 4 miles to the business park and back, before popping into Tesco. I was visiting a friend for lunch on the Friday and wondered if they had any nice sandwiches left, but nothing took my fancy. It was so cold again though- the last few Thursdays have been really cold, and by the time I got home I was really chilly, so we had the fire on.

On Friday I had the most exciting message from Andy: Tea club has arrived! My favourite kind of message!

The wedding cake tea is lovely (rooibos with a sort of caramel tone), as is the “Lemugur” pancakes (lemon and sugar)- another rooibos.  Plus, how gorgeous is the postcard? The tea club always comes with a postcard, and they showcase local artists which is such a great idea.

Do you keep track of your steps? I was listening to Reasons to be Cheerful today, (Walk this way episode) and the average number of steps was something like 4,000, which surprised me a lot.  But then I do get very antsy if I have not walked around or had fresh air, and honestly a pyjama day sounds like a nightmare to me!

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2 thoughts on “Some mid week baking! Plus tea”

  1. The red velvet tea sounds absolutely amazing! I do keep track of my steps but living in Dubai it’s hard to go over 10,000 unless I go for a run or do a cardio dance class. When I lived in London I hit that goal pretty much every day!

    1. It really is delicious tea 🙂
      I am not surprised with London because the nature of public transport means you naturally walk a bit more between bus stops or train stations and so on.

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