A weird weekend

On Saturday morning I did a bit of yoga when I first woke up- my neck was really sore (I think after doing some work at a desk where I couldn’t tuck my legs under, so I was sort of sat sideways) and anyway, thought the yoga would help. Then I headed out on a run, and thankfully it was much quieter than the runs in the evening I’d been having last week.  I did a nice 5 mile route and around 8.45. I loved seeing all of the chalk paintings and rainbows everywhere. The community spirit is still alive- each time I saw one it made me think of the cheers from a marshal at parkrun.

There was no parkrun quiz to do this week (turns out it was 8pm on Friday night so I missed it) so after a shower and breakfast I did some pottering, tidying and cleaning.

I cleared out my work lunch bag (top right)- 3 pens, peppermint forehead balm, a bag clip and body spray were amongst the things I didn’t know I needed! Disney Food Blog snack competition has been keeping me entertained- the cinnamon roll is good, but you basically can’t get Dole Whip anywhere else (well unless you go to the Dole pineapple plantation in Hawaii) so why would you vote for anything else???

I would usually have a walk in the afternoon, but having already been out of my front door once, for my run, meant I couldn’t go. I got some fresh air by heading into the garden for a bit (donning my buff for a kit around the home pic for Marathon Talk!).

Then after dinner it was time for some Disney+ time! We are working our way up to the best film (Muppets Most Wanted- honesty if you could turn my sense of humour into a film this would be it), so we watched The Muppets.

This also inspired me to have a go at drawing on a rock- our Disney-themed work team decided to have a rock drawing competition, so I had a go at doing a Kermit. I then decided to put my pens back into colour order, although Andy did say I should not do all the jobs in one go!

Of course Dole Whip was still winning the competition which is good too.

On Sunday morning I headed out for a longer run- I am still searching for the best place to go.  There’s a park fairly near me so I headed there and did lots of laps. It turned out to be pretty good, as although I came across a few dog walkers, it was easy to give them a wide berth as no-one was using the football pitches (apart from one person who had her dogs off a lead, and one of them ran over to me, yapping at me. I stood still and the lady was calling her dog, but the dog would not go away from me. I tried moving slowly and standing still, and the dog kept running back and barking- I did start to wonder how we would keep 2 metres apart if the owner needed to come and pick up her dog- thankfully the dog ran off in the end). I had my sunglasses on because it was so sunny when I started running, although it was absolutely freezing and I really wished I had worn gloves. About 5 minutes after I got home it started snowing! 8 miles run- keeping things ticking over but not going too far.

I did a bit more gardening and made a pizza for dinner (from Cook Eat Run)- each time I make one I am getting better at the dough and this one was really tasty.

After dinner we had a zoom call with Andy’s family- it was so lovely to see everyone and have a bit of a face to face (virtual) chat. It took a bit of time to get the hang of it, but we ended up muting ourselves if we weren’t talking and that seemed to work a bit better.

Aaaand the photos are still upside down if they are not a collage….?

A friend shared an idea (I am sure it’s all over facebook) to have a little jar and each time you can’t do something because of the lockdown, write it down and add it to the jar. Then, when this is all over, take them out and do them. I’ve got one for the two of us, and one for me. Things like going to see my mum and dad on my way home from work, running with dad, meeting friends for afternoon tea, going to the cinema, going to Brighton for the weekend…. it’s quite therapeutic writing them down, and as another friend mentioned, each day is one day closer to the end of all of this.

It felt like less of a weekend than usual, because we just couldn’t do what we normally would, but I am sure next weekend will be even stranger after a week of working from home!

How do you differentiate your weekend from your week when you work at home? How are you staying in contact with friends and family?

Have you seen anything good on TV recently? Or listened to any good podcasts? We finished Tiger King, which was interesting but also just awful in equal measures.

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4 thoughts on “A weird weekend”

  1. I saw a Dole Whio recipe somewhere recently and it made me think of you! I saw the DFB snack challenge but didn’t follow it as I figured Dole Whip would probably win!
    Also, you can still do those parkrun quizzes afterwards. I’m rubbish at doing these things at the actual time so usually come to them later.

    Finding the gap between work week and weekend is so hard right now. I’m trying to work in a different part of the house and stay away from our remote teaching platform at the weekend as far as possible. I’m also trying to keep films as a weekend thing so it feels a bit different. Through the week we have been tackling all the tv programmes stacked up in our planner. Last night we started Gold Digger from way back at the end of last year!

    I’m keeping in touch via messages/group chat, FaceTime and Zoom. Thank goodness for technology right now!

    1. That’s a good idea to save films for the weekend. I’d usually do work at the weekend too, but at the moment I am not because I need to break the week up a bit.
      And I didn’t know you could do the quiz later- thanks. Although I’ve seen this week it’s back to being at 9am so I might run before.
      Ah, you’ve gotta love Dole Whip! 🙂

  2. It was a strange weekend wasn’t it? It feels a bit like I’m single again as I’m just with my parents as Kyle’s is at his famiky’s house. I’m playing PS4 games with my dad, doing a bit of baking (shocking for me) and cooking roast dinners… seems all a bit odd. Especially as the weather is so nice, I’d normally be out doing lots of walking!
    I keep seeing that tiger thing all over social media and can’t work out whether to watch it or not…

    1. Tiger King is sort of complusive viewing- a bit like an extended Louis Theroux doc but without the person interviewing being sort of neutral if that makes sense. Seeing all the big cats in their cages is really horrible, but then it’s legal over there which is even crazier.
      It must be so tough for you right now not seeing Kyle- I suppose we have to re-frame things and enjoy what we can do (eg even more time with parents) and know that each day we are a day closer to things being back to normal again.

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