A non-parkrun sandwich, the two point six challenge and more baking

So a week ago last Saturday, as is my new routine, I was up early for a run to get back in time for the parkrun quiz.  I think I got 10- not as high as the week before.

Then it was off to do yet more decorating- we are going over the walls with two base coats and they are just so huge. We now have a pole (for cleaning windows) so we taped a brush to the end of the pole to reach the really high bits- even with a ladder we could not reach them any other way!

I experimented with adding some fruit to the sourdough. I’m still having trouble with it sticking in the proving basket, but it tasted good.

I was also itching to do some baking, because Pret had released some of their recipes, and their chocolate almond butter cookies are my absolute fave! I gave them a go and I was so impressed with the results!

We watched Rocketman on Saturday evening as our film choice.

On Sunday I headed to Panshanger for a non-parkrun sandwich. I ran there, ran the route (starting in the middle) and decided to take a photo of each km marker, then ran home for a total of 10 miles. The photos show a bit how varied the route is, with woods, open fields and farm tracks, although you couldn’t see any of the lakes in the pictures. It makes me happy that the signs are still there though- it’s just paused!

Once home we had a croissant for breakfast (plus some fruit and yoghurt but no photo because it wasn’t very pretty!), and did a bit of gardening.

I also made sure to actually enjoy the garden so I sat out there catching up on magazines- I’d made a chai latte by putting some B&B sticky chai in milk and leaving it in the fridge to infuse. Not as good as the ones they make in store but pretty tasty still.

I’d decided to do the two point six challenge (as lots of charities were not going to have the big boost from things like the London Marathon, they asked people to do a challenge at home and either donate or get sponsorship)- I thought I would do 26,000 steps, so we did a bit more decorating, and then I walked laps of our garden to make it up to the total. I didn’t want to ask for sponsorship, but I donated some money to ARUK in memory of my Nan.

Andy says it looks like I am having a breakdown as I walk around the garden (I listen to a podcast too) but I love it because I really notice all of the buds and flowers. I have never looked in that much detail before. Thoughts?

I also got a new jumper (from Etsy) and I love it! Things like this make me chuckle a lot!

Would you or do you walk laps of your garden? Did you do anything for the 2.6 challenge? Is there anything from shops or cafes that you really miss at the moment?

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2 thoughts on “A non-parkrun sandwich, the two point six challenge and more baking”

  1. I’ve been tempted by that jumper before – I keep seeing in in social media ads!

    Our garden isn’t really big enough to walk laps around, but I am enjoying using it as an outdoor gym when the weather is nice.

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