A happy weekend with running

On Saturday morning I made a cup of tea in my insulated mug, packed a bag with a cinnamon roll in it, and then drove over to my parents house. Now that we are allowed to exercise in groups (staying 2m apart of course) we had decided to have a run. My brother came along too, and at 9.15 the three of us ran a 5k, taking in some of the Jersey Farm parkrun route.

Of course I had on my “it’s still parkrunday” top- very glad I purchased this. The fabric is really good too- really nice and airy so perfect for hot days (I prefer a t-shirt to a vest as it’s better to keep your skin covered, but often the fabric is quite thick).

Once back, we went through the garage and into the garden. Dad had set out extra tables, so him and Mum sat at one table, my brother at another and I had the final table. I’d brought my own breakfast so I had no need to touch anything that wasn’t mine. We sat around for a few hours, and it was so lovely to catch up in such a relaxed way. Luckily the weather was good. Mum and Dad have loads of bird feeders in their garden, and lots of nesting boxes, so we saw a fledgling sparrow, goldfinch and blue tit.

Once home, we then headed out to meet Andy’s parents on a walk around some local woods. It has been nice to see people in person, but I felt very paranoid about staying away after being in work and such close contact to children all week.

On Saturday night we watched 13th, which was a film about racial inequality in the USA- it’s from a few years ago but very relevant to now.

On Sunday I wore my St Albans half marathon top because it was also on Sunday 15th June, but 5 years ago. It was soooo hot outside and I took lots of walk breaks, and regretted the choice of top because it’s quite thick fabric. I’d been inspired to have a go at making elderflower cordial after a child in my class made some and then a friend had a go, so I took a bag with me and kept an eye out for the flowers. I did a bit more of the 20/20 route, seeing more lovely fields and woods.

At one point I ended up in a little village and saw a postbox and got very excited but it was just an ER one!

On the way back I picked some elderflower for the project to begin later.

Then to breakfast! We had some John Lewis vouchers so decided to get a waffle maker. This was our first attempt and I was very impressed. The only trouble is deciding which toppings to go for- I had banana and chocolate spread on one, and oatly creme fraiche and maple syrup on the other. Super tasty.

Then it was on to make the elderflower. It’s got to sit for 48 hours infusing away after the initial cooking. It does smell really good though.

I didn’t realise until I read the recipe that it’s the pollen that gives it the flavour, so you don’t rinse the flowers, you just check they are free from bugs!

We did some gardening but it was baking, so I also sat in the shade having an iced tea- I made up some Peach Cobbler tea, left it it to cool and then topped with almond milk. It’s so good.

I had put some plants in the little hanging pots and put them up on the trellis, and even though the lights didn’t come on until around 10pm, it just looks so pretty now.

Do you like elderflower? What would you top your waffles with? We are planning on recreating the hummus and avocado one next week.

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4 thoughts on “A happy weekend with running”

  1. I prefer t-shirts instead of vests too. I like Elderflower, we once had Elderflower wine at a neighbours house that he’d made himself and it was incredible.

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