Getting a different routine back and everything is cancelled

Last week felt easier, having already been through it once already. Monday was yoga in the morning and a walk in the evening, Tuesday was a run in the morning and a walk in the evening, Wednesday was a run in the morning and yoga in the evening, Thursday was a run in the morning and a walk in the evening, and Friday was a walk after work. The early alarms felt much easier this week, and I really like getting home and not having to rush to get changed and head out again.

I made pizza one day (using the sourdough starter) and banana bread another day because what else do you do with three brown bananas?

My eye pillow came in handy for yoga.

Sadly Disneyland Paris announced that the half marathon weekend in September has been cancelled. We had worked out the logistics so that I could do the 10k and half – Andy was going to get the Eurostar on Friday morning and collect the bibs (as you have to get them the day before), then after work on Friday I would get the Eurostar, we’d be there for the weekend and travel home on the Sunday afternoon. We still have the train booked, so we are not sure if we will still go (apparently they are opening on 15th July), but we can’t get a refund for the train so we may as well wait and see.

We had booked a weekend in Helsinki for the end of July, but we got a refund on the flights this week as they have cancelled most of the flights each day. It’s disappointing but I am not sure I want to go on a plane anytime soon, and things might not be open anyway so it would not be like a normal weekend away.

Our Studio Ghibli show was postponed to August 2021, and our Ash concert (originally put back from March to September) is now in Feb 2021. It seems that rapidly anything scheduled for the autumn is going to be pushed back further.

We finished watching The Last Dance (really enjoyed that, even though I had no idea about basketball and had to ask Andy all sorts of basic questions like how many in a team, how many points do they get for the net etc)- I like a sport doc that is good even if you don’t know about the sports.

We then started watching the thing about Peter Falconio (the backpacker who went missing in Australia) but somehow ended up watching the episodes in this order- 2, 4, 1… no idea why as we used the Channel 4 i-player thingy so you would think it would direct us to the first one first! It jumps around a fair bit in time, so we only realised after watching 2!

I was inspired by a friend to have a go at elder-flower cordial, so I spent some of my runs hunting for it. I found what I thought was some, and took a piece  home to check, (it was) but it wilted quickly so I realised I’d need to pick it on the same day as making it- a weekend project. I did see some lovely sunrises, and despite all the rain, most of my runs were dry (a little drizzle on Tuesday).

On Thursday Andy was watching a live podcast, so I decided to watch Mary Poppins returns- I feel as if I am snuggling up under a blanket when the  film titles start- it’s such a comforting film (and catchy songs, apart from the stupid product placement song…).

On Friday I baked some cinnamon rolls in preparation for Saturday (a socially distanced run with my dad)- I was really looking forward to it, and it properly made it feel like the weekend was here. We allowed ourselves the next Queer Eye episode too- don’t want to burn through them too quickly!

Do you have anything booked that you are hoping won’t get cancelled or postponed? Are you a banana bread fan? Any good TV recommendations? 

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6 thoughts on “Getting a different routine back and everything is cancelled”

  1. We have had so many things cancelled/postponed. I’m not yet sure about my DLP trip in August and like you, we may yet go on what should have been Run Weekend since we have flights booked. Just a waiting game…

    I recommend Staged on BBC. 6X 20 min episodes with David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Really funny.

  2. We did have a John Williams concert that was supposed to happen in May but has been postponed… which is such a shame as I was really excited. But of course understandable. Luckily though we hadn’t planned that far ahead for anything later in the year.
    Oooh the documentary sounds good. I do love a good doc!

  3. Someone I know works at Disney and she said they’re reopening the 15th July but she doesn’t know if she’ll have any work as she sings in the shows and plays a character.

    I watched the Peter Falconio documentary too. It was such a strange set of circumstances. I couldn’t make out if the girlfriend was being truthful or not.

    I’ve loved seeing your baking on social media. I’m not a baker at all!

    We just have one holiday left booked which I’m hoping we can go on. Fingers crossed.

    1. Hopefully your holiday will still go ahead!
      And thanks 🙂 I do enjoy baking much more than cooking as I feel like there is no pressure with it.

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