The nights are drawing in, and happy birthday to Panshanger parkrun!

I heard a suggestion the other day that perhaps the clocks should not go back this year, because we really don’t need another hour of 2020! I don’t think they should go back anyway (lots of research around road safety for one) but I really think this could have been the year to get rid of it. At the moment my runs after work have been in the light, but on a few occasions if I’ve been stuck in traffic and arrived home later than planned, the final mile of my runs have been a little dark. Time to find and charge my torch I think.

Of course there has been lots of tea, and also a Caffe Nero gingerbread man to accompany a bit of work. Yoga on Wednesday has been wonderful- I am so glad that my teacher has carried on doing classes over zoom because I would not feel responsible in going to in person classes right now.

Last weekend was Panshanger parkrun’s 6th birthday! It’s crazy to think back to that first one. That was really the parkrun that got me into parkrun if that makes sense. Before then, I’d been going over to the St Albans one maybe once a month, when my dad and brother were free. At that time I was running with Sweatshop, and they had a poster up for the Panshanger one (remember when they advertised inaugurals?).  Once we started going there, it turned into a mostly weekly event, and on their first birthday I celebrated my 50th parkrun. They put a video on their facebook page and me in my Minnie Mouse skirt was in the first section of video. It was so lovely to look back and think about how it has grown since then. It really is a permanent fixture of our weekends now.

Dad decided he wanted to do 16 (not)parkruns in October to celebrate parkrun’s 16th birthday, and alongside that to raise money for Unicef, and once a month he has been keen to do a 10k, so it was perfect timing that on Panshanger’s 6th birthday we could run 6 (point 2) miles, and tot up 2 more (not)parkruns for him.

I wore my Panshanger top and parkrun long sleeved top, all very orange. He planned a lovely route through some fields over to Ellenbrook (the way he would cycle when parkrun is on) and at one point we rounded a corner and saw the most beautiful parkrun apricot-coloured tree. I had to get a photo of course.

I had a lot of work to get on with in the afternoon, but we did have a break where we walked into town to get our Caffe Nero drinks. I am still not wanting to eat in anywhere, but a 5 minute queue inside is fine, and then we can walk home the scenic way while we enjoy our drinks.

On Saturday night we fancied a film, and so watched Enola Holmes- an enjoyable film (some filmed locally) but it got the Manic Street Preachers song (Enola/Alone) in my head.

The weather on Sunday was beautiful, and I enjoyed a run around local streets, taking my time and taking photos of all the trees. I just can’t resist stopping!

I did some baking (pumpkin cheesecake brownies from here) although a total blogger fail as I took no photos! What was I thinking??

In the evening we watched one of the Michael Palin recap shows, and I just loved it. I think he is brilliant, and it was so good to see parts of those travel series again. Perfect Sunday night viewing.

How do you feel about the clocks going back? I feel like it’s dark when I get up anyway, so I’d rather have some light in the evening.

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